Tommy Connolly was the teenage son of the bullying Eddie Connolly. He was closer to his mother Rita, and his grandmother, than Eddie would have liked.

In June 1953, the Tenth Doctor and Rose Tyler visited his home, claiming to be there ensuring everything was in order for the coronation, where Tommy, despite his father's protests, told them about how people were changing and the police taking them away; no one knew how they found out. Tommy was the first person to realise that Eddie was the one telling them, calling his father a coward and a hypocrite for fighting against fascists only to become one himself. When Rita overheard this and threw Eddie out of their home, she told Tommy to go with the Doctor to do some good.

Tommy, the Doctor and Detective Inspector Bishop later visited Magpie's shop, where they met the Wire, the entity who was responsible for taking people's faces and intended to do the same to everyone watching the coronation so as to restore its corporeal form. The Wire attempted to do the same to them, but only took Bishop's face when the Doctor threatened it with his sonic screwdriver.

The Doctor and Tommy pursued Magpie and the Wire to Alexandra Palace, where, despite difficulties, they saved everyone who was watching the coronation and trapped the Wire on a Betamax. He greeted his gran, whose face was restored, before attending a coronation party on their street. The Doctor gave Tommy his scooter, though advised him to keep it in the garage for a few years. When he witnessed his father getting thrown out for good, Rose told Tommy to go after him; he had just saved the world and shouldn't stop there. He did indeed run after him, helping him with his father's suitcase. (TV: The Idiot's Lantern)

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