Thomas Niven was an American student who became caught up in the adventures of Erimem by complete coincidence. Tom somewhat resisted these adventures due in large part to the traumatic experience of seeing his girlfriend Anna Whitaker murdered during the events of his first adventure involving Erimem.


Early life[]

Tom grew up in Boston with a rich family. (PROSE: The Beast of Stalingrad) When Tom was young, his father and mother separated and Tom was left living with his mother. On the day that his father left, Tom was consoled by a man who was a future version of himself. (PROSE: Tom's Story)

In 2012, his mother sent him to the London University of History and Antiquity, where he studied medieval history. (PROSE: The Beast of Stalingrad)

Visiting 1st century BC Actium[]

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In 2015, Tom got caught up in the plans of a cult worshiping Ash-Ama-Teseth and was sent to Actium in 1st century BC along with Erimem, Andy Hansen, Anna Whitaker, and Ibrahim Hadmani. (PROSE: The Last Pharaoh)

Continued association with Erimem & friends[]

Back in his native era, Tom tried to avoid Erimem an her friends to not remind himself of Greece. Tom felt personally responsible for Anna Whitaker's death.

Weeks after the trip to Actium, Helena and Ibrahim saw the Tom was distressed and invited him to their flat. There, Helena assessed Tom's mental health and offered him a bed in their spare room. However, when Tom got out of bed to try to find the flat's washroom, he accidentally discovered Erimem's villa in Habitat. At the time Andy was preparing to use Habitat to return to Stalingrad in 1942 and help Erimem deal with a group of Drofen. To help overcome his feelings of guilt, Tom accompanied Andy to Stalingrad. There, Tom met Isabella Zemanova and helped Erimem and Andy defeat the Drofen.

Shortly after returning to 2015, Tom went to Kent with Andy and Erimem to visit Isabella Zemanova, who was celebrating her ninety-fifth birthday. (PROSE: The Beast of Stalingrad)

Using Habitat, Tom visited his younger self on the day his father left and gave him advice on how to deal with the separation.

While visiting George Town in the Cayman Islands with Erimem and Andy, Tom ran into his father by complete chance. At first Tom tried to convince his father to catch up with him over dinner, but he could see that his father wasn't interested. Tom parted ways with his father asking to pretend that their meeting had never happened. (PROSE: Tom's Story)

Tom tried to return home for Christmas 2016, but his parents wanted him to stay in London. Dismissed by his parents and still feeling guilty over the death of Anna, Tom decided to reach out to Erimem and Andy. (PROSE: Lonely This Christmas) Tom joined them in an impromptu Christmas party at the Museum of History and Antiquity, bringing with him a small plastic Christmas tree to add to the festivity. (PROSE: Night Work)

Other realities[]

When history began collapsing in on itself due to the actions of Nikola Tesla, Erimem saw a vision of herself with Tom, Andy, and Ibrahim in a pub which was reduced to ashes in a second. (PROSE: Wardenclyffe)

In one possible timeline seen by Erimem on a different occasion, Tom accompanied Erimem and Andy to Mars in an era after it had been terraformed. The trio got stranded in a region away from Mars' equator and when night came they were killed by the cold. (PROSE: Echoes)