Toby Silverman was the assistant of Professor Rivers, and helped in her investigation of Ashen Hill Manor.

Toby was the son of physicist Sir Rupert Silverman. When he was young he used to be visited by a grey faceless entity, which his father would dismiss as a dream. Despite pleading to him, he still did not let him change rooms.

One day, Toby went with Professor Rivers to investigate the haunted Ashen Hill Manor, where he met Sarah Jane Smith, Clyde Langer and Rani Chandra. He witnessed paranormal activity and Professor Rivers going missing. He later had a confrontation with Sarah Jane about ghosts as his father, a member of the science community, did not believe in the paranormal. Eventually he accepted the strange goings on to be alien activity. (TV: The Eternity Trap)

Toby stayed in contact with Sarah Jane and her team. Professor Rivers and Toby went to Luke Smith's second farewell party before Luke was going to the University of Oxford. (PROSE: The Nightmare Man)

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