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Sir Tobias "Toby" Kinsella was a British civil servant during the 1960s, and oversaw the Intrusion Countermeasures Group (ICMG).


Early life[]

Sir Toby was at school with Professor Jeffrey Broderick. During his school days, Kinsella engineered a fight between the rugby team captain and a boy who had stolen some of his food. (AUDIO: Artificial Intelligence)

During World War II, he was involved in the Home-Army Fourth Operational Corps. In 1941, he personally recruited Professor Edward Travers to the corps. (PROSE: Night of the Intelligence) He was also involved in a eugenics programme to create "super soldiers"; the plan was that if Germany won, the soldiers could be used to retake Britain. (He later said: "There was a war on! A lot of people did things they weren't proud of!") He was himself one of the test subjects with Mary Cleaver, his wife, but she faked the miscarriage of his son, Ray Cleaver, and divorced him. After the war, Sir Toby would remove all traces of himself from these files. (AUDIO: Sins of the Fathers) Charles Waverly was part of the project with him. (AUDIO: Manhunt) Years later, after Gilmore had accused him of only "pushing papers around" during the war, Toby knocked a man out and implied he'd seen action. (AUDIO: Peshka)

After the war, he and Waverly continued to be part of the eugenics programme which was now preparing for nuclear war. By this point it was clear that the original creations had psychosis, and the Wilcock Institute was trying to both "care" for the originals and create versions without this problem. (AUDIO: Sins of the Fathers)

In the government, he knew many intelligence secrets (such as the fact that it was in actuality the Cambridge Nine instead of the Cambridge Five) and tied to high-ranking figures like General Peters. (AUDIO: Artificial Intelligence, State of Emergency)

One of his oldest friends was Dr Elizabeth Bradley, who worked with the Secret Service. (AUDIO: The Fifth Citadel) Other old friends including Stephen Mulryne, who went on to become Defence Secretary. (AUDIO: 1963: The Assassination Games)

When pretending to be from the Department of Public Building and Works, Sir Toby was disparaging of the outgoing Prime Minister Sir Alec Douglas-Home, saying that they had been "trying to work out what Earl Home thinks so we can agree with him before he's said it". He admitted that referring to Douglas-Home as "Earl Home", a title that he had dropped by 1964, was a hard habit for him to break. (AUDIO: The Pelage Project)


In November 1963, he met Professor Rachel Jensen for the first time after he tricked her into investigating Sir Gideon Vale and the Starfire project. At the time, he was trying to keep Counter-Measures operational, a job made harder when the work it did could not be fully revealed. The Starfire Affair turned out to be a genocidal plot by alien infiltrators, the Light, who had people in various key positions in the British government (and murdered Stephen Mulryne in front of him). Counter-Measures and the Seventh Doctor thwarted the plot and Sir Toby, while keeping out the alien nature, was able to use this to get the government to agree to re-establish Counter-Measures. (AUDIO: 1963: The Assassination Games)

He made many deals to set up Counter-Measures and keep it going, and discouraged Ian Gilmore from seeking any more resources from the Ministry of Defence: he felt Counter-Measures (and himself) would look more credible if they could handle themselves. After their first post-Shoreditch mission, investigating Heinrich Schumann's teleportation experiments, he agreed to put Rachel Jensen in charge rather than Gilmore. (AUDIO: Threshold) Taking up Counter-Measures meant he lost his place in the nuclear war Citadel bunkers, a fact about which he was annoyed. (AUDIO: The Fifth Citadel)

The second Counter-Measures duty was to ensure Broderick's artificially intelligent Sentient Engine Generator 2 computer (Sen-Gen) project was working smoothly. Sir Toby was aware Broderick was using Jensen's own research for Sen-Gen and was amused by the idea of Jensen finding out, and even gave Broderick recordings of her voice. Unknown to his old school friend, he was secretly having him watched by Julian St Stephen, and was also making use of Gilmore's old ties to Sen-Gen's Dr Cervenka. When it was discovered that Sen-Gen was driving people insane, he publicly shut the project done. In secret, he callously broke Broderick's mind so the government could use him to make another such computer. (AUDIO: Artificial Intelligence)

He was annoyed when some of Schumann's work was bought by industrialist Ken Temple (AUDIO: Threshold) and wanted to investigate what Temple was doing with it, but couldn't as the man was too connected to the government. As a result, he discouraged Counter-Measures from investigating — in a way that would ensure they would dig up something that meant he "had" to investigate Temple's Pelage site. Sir Toby personally joined the mission, pretending to be from the Department of Works. When the true extent of Temple's work — forcibly altering humans to breath pollutants as part of a mad scheme to move the species from Earth to Venus — came to light, Sir Toby was sickened and went on a personal crusade to purge the government of anyone who had backed Temple. (AUDIO: The Pelage Project)

Sir Toby was conservative and unhappy with the prospect of Harold Wilson's Labour Party being in power, though he believed that they had to make the best of it.

Due to his political sentiments, Sir Toby was invited by General Peters to be part of his coup against Wilson. Sir Toby pretended to be sympathetic and gave him notes on Schumann's teleporter so they could stage an alien attack, while ensuring Counter-Measures would investigate the teleportation site and that Gilmore would be the one who had secured 10 Downing Street. After the coup was advanced enough for Peters and all his collaborators to be revealed, Sir Toby and Counter-Measures worked to shut it down. (AUDIO: State of Emergency)

In 1965, Sir Toby took on an assistant, Templeton, whom he picked for knowing the "right people". (AUDIO: Manhunt)

Shortly after, he found Charles Waverly was trying to usurp control Counter-Measures. When Gilmore was accused of murdering Waverly, Sir Toby helped Gilmore avoid the authorities while appointing Waverly's main, James Astor, as an interim Counter-Measures member in order to draw out the truth. (He deliberately kept the truth and news of the manhunt from Rachel Jensen, and the murder was "officially" a suicide.) While he knew Emma Waverly was one of the eugenic creations, he was horrified to discover Astor was Emma — the experiment giving her the ability to shapeshift — and witness the transformation himself. He forbid Counter-Measures from pursuing Emma, secretly took files on the programme from Catherine Waverly, and then allegedly witnessed her suicide soon after he learned she knew he was in the programme. (AUDIO: Manhunt)

Counter-Measures were next used as a cover and way of helping him handle a renegade Cold War bunker: its reactor had leaked, poisoning the people inside, and his old friend Dr Elizabeth Bradley was threatening to drive it into meltdown unless the UK disarmed its nuclear weapons. Sir Toby pretended to all characters that he was unaware of the situation, using different lies for different people, and tried to talk Bradley into standing down. In the end, when it was clear how dangerous the reactor was, he pretended to talk to the government on her behalf and, behind Jensen's back, had the army bury the citadel in cement. (AUDIO: The Fifth Citadel)

Sir Toby was himself manipulated when the Soviet Union conned the UK intelligence community into thinking a psychic chess player wanted to defect. To his horror, it turned out the "psychic", Shurik Barkov, was just good at chess — his sister, Anya Barkov, was the psychic and had been engineered to be a "bomb". A riot almost broke out in London until Anya was shot. In revenge, Sir Toby left Shurik to starve to death in a locked room. (AUDIO: Peshka)

Wilcock scandal[]

While quietly watching Mary Carver's funeral, Sir Toby became aware that his son was alive and one of the super-soldiers when Ray tore through an army group after Emma Waverly. He made sure all Wilcock Institute records with his name were destroyed and tried to keep Counter-Measures from investigating, pressuring them into "accepting" that Emma had killed the soldiers. Behind their back, he tried to contact Ray and get him to come in for treatment; unfortunately his lies had made Jensen believe he was "compromised" and had gone to Templeton for aid, and Templeton ordered an army group to open fire on Ray immediately.

He finally admitted to his team about the programme and eugenics programming, and tried to talk Ray down from freeing the other super-soldiers at the Wilcock Institute clinic. To his horror, Templeton had the building gassed and Sir Toby was forced to kill an enraged Ray. Jensen had worked out that the soldier was Sir Toby's son but he obliquely told her to drop the issue, not wanting to admit to it in public and pretending he hadn't been affected.

A parliamentary inquiry was held over the Wilcock affair, forcing Sir Toby to step down. (AUDIO: Sins of the Fathers) As an old hand with the establishment, he assumed it was a formality — everyone on it were people he knew — only to find it was comprised of new, up-and-coming politicians like William Heaton and he was being properly investigated. Heaton talked to him between sittings, telling him Templeton had suggested the inquiry shakeup and was after his job. The MP believed Kinsella was the better man for Countermeasures and would help him if he agreed to "help" the Conservative Sunday Club — Kinsella angrily refused.

Rather than defend himself, he praised his team to the inquiry as "best of British" and that they shouldn't suffer. To Toby's surprise, the inquiry cleared him as taking justifiable action. Heaton told him he was considered the man for the job "for now", especially the job of keeping Jensen controlled. Kinsella remarked to himself he preferred backstabbing and scheming in Westminster to goodwill. (AUDIO: Changing of the Guard) He later heard that many in the spy world had had his back over the inquiry. (AUDIO: The Forgotten Village)


The Counter-Measures team were glad to have him back after having to deal with Templeton, someone they considered inferior. (AUDIO: Changing of the Guard) While Gilmore and Jensen believed he had the country's best interests at heart, Allison Williams remained distrustful of him and was willing to show it. Their first mission back together was to investigate a haunting at the St Anton's Point tower block — something the Housing Minister had told Sir Toby not to do. He commented that he himself didn't agree with the tower block policy. With his team, he solved the mystery and stopped an unexploded bomb. (AUDIO: The Concrete Cage)

Sir Toby and others were aware of presumed Soviet agent transmissions coming from around Lower Burford. Despite that, he pushed Allison Williams to go there on leave when her father was injured. When it became clear in Westminster that the situation had deteriorated, he rushed down with Gilmore to contain the situation. The issue was down to was a Soviet satellite, Mauriner 7, that had crashed: it was experimenting with weaponising magnetic disruption to drive people mad. As part of the investigation and containment, Sir Toby had a journalist beaten and terrorised.

The crashed satellite drove Allison catatonic and a female spy almost killed Jensen when trying to keep her away. Allison's fate — and the fact Sir Toby had known something was wrong in Lower Burford — turned Jensen against Toby. (AUDIO: The Forgotten Village)

While Allison recovered from memory loss, Sir Toby led Countermeasures to East Berlin to investigate an alien incursion and a "Project Othello" run by brain surgeon Maria Jager. Relations with Jensen were fraught. Their West German contact, Stefan Lehne, was an old friend of Sir Toby's but to his suspicion was starting to act obstructionist. While Countermeasures were in the east, Sir Toby worked out that Othello was a brainwashing programme and that Jager had been in the west — with Stefan compromised. When he attempted to enter East Berlin, Stefan was mind-controlled by the enemy into shooting a guard and Sir Toby callously left him to be shot while he fled into the city. Reaching Gilmore, he warned him that the "alien" had been a fake to draw Countermeasures out so Jensen could be brainwashed into an enemy agent.

In order to let him escape, Gilmore let himself be captured near the Berlin Wall. Jensen saw this and, driven both by inherent distrust and the brainwashing, decided Sir Toby must be a Soviet agent — she reported him as a British spy to the border guard, and left him to be shot dead in the street. Meanwhile Templeton was part of the Othello plot and had brainwashed Allison into believing he was Sir Toby. (AUDIO: Unto the Breach)

He was placed in a military prison with Gilmore. (AUDIO: New Horizons) He started to plan his escape from the prison. He worked out that he was the one who had built the prison. He used Jeffrey Broderick's powers to help them escape. Jeffrey mention something about Templeton to Kinsella and that he wanted mind control technology. He used Barkov's powers to escape the prison when Alison arrived. He then found out that William Heaton was a member of The Light. (AUDIO: The Keep)

Heaton told him about the Light Sleepers. He went with Rachel to find some of the people she had implanted but found one of them had apparently been killed. He formed part of the attack on Battersea Power Station which he didn't like as he didn't like violence. He was taken hostage by Templeton. He was taken to British Rocket Group and met with Keith Kordel who thought he was saving the world. (AUDIO: Rise and Shine)

Kinsella warned his team to evacuate their base by 2pm as a priority. He worked out that Heaton wanted to destroy all evidence that he was a member of the Light. Kinsella tried to then make a deal with Heaton to stop his actions. He used one of Alison's machines to make Heaton brain-dead. (AUDIO: Clean Sweep)

Later career[]

By 1973 he was still working with military intelligence, when he was informed by Routledge of a murder a spy. He was caught in a fire when he was being pursued. He then went to the Opera House which Hassan Al-Nadyr was visiting. He was still hunting the Light and attempted to kill one during the performance this caused some panic. (AUDIO: Who Killed Toby Kinsella?) He didn't die in the attack and trapped Mikhail. He had planned his demise. Because of his actions in the past Mikhail wanted Toby to suffer. (AUDIO: The Dead Don't Rise)

He called the team for a briefing on Edwige Ponzi and wanted to send Gilmore to join Balthazar Schrek's team. He later came on a mission to a hotel with Jenson to a high end hotel, because it calibre. (AUDIO: Nothing to See Here)

Kinsella employed a psychic to locate a sunken submarine. He came to investigate it in person as it was part of an espionage ring. When it was discovered that the crew didn't drown he was concerned where they were. In the captains quarters he could smell incense. He was sent by MI5 to retrieve the letter of last resort from safe. He mentioned that there were a set of psychic spies. Alex tried to get the launch codes from him and had to use his powers to get them. (AUDIO: Troubled Waters)

He met with Lord Henry Balfour and found that Balfour wanted his support in starting a new biological weapons research programme. They were attacked my pigeons in the countermeasures office. (AUDIO: The Phoenix Strain)

He posed as Lord Hall on a mission to Monte Carlo. He was there to investigate Suzanne Clare about her arms dealing. He was recognised by Clare when he entered his room. He told the team that he could arrest Clare as they had no evidence of her dealings. (AUDIO: A Gamble With Time)

He briefed Rachel, Allison and Gilmore on their next mission. He helped in their investigation. He had to stop Javier Santos from destroying the evidence. When his team was arrested he called the Prime Minister to get the team released. Javier tried to kill him when Javier returned to the hotel. (AUDIO: The Splintered Man)

He became concerned when he realised they were on a boat. He tried to keep a low profile but Gilmore didn't allow that. He thought it was weird that the passengers were compliant. At dinner her tried to find more information about what had happened to the captain and the people who had been arrested. He found out that a future presidential candidate wanted to brainwash himself into power. (AUDIO: The Ship of the Sleepwalkers)

He found Punk Rock very disgusting. He allowed Lady Clare into their base. He went undercover to question August Frazer. He was found out and placed in the cellar of the club and had the dogs set on him. He found out that August had influenced fellow businessman and MP's to change things in his favour. (AUDIO: My Enemy's Enemy)

He noticed a strange transmission in TV and radio programmes, learning upon what they contained he became very concerned. He reported that people saw "bears" in Hyde Park. Upon seeing the footprints he declared them to belong to a Yeti. He informed the team about the Great Intelligence and asked Allison to find Edward Travers. He went missing during a Yeti hunt but appeared again to stop a Yeti killing Rachel and Gilmore. After Travers connected with the Intelligence the connection between Kinsella and Travers became stronger. Kinsella used his and Travers' wills to fight back and overthrow the connection to Norma Vine's mind. (AUDIO: Time of the Intelligence)

He was interested in what Lord Cavall's teachings as part of an investigation. He bought one of his LPs and listened to it with Rachel, though didn't like it. He helped Gilmore to investigate Cavall's estate. (AUDIO: The Hollow King)

Toby brought his team together to investigate the Robo-Helper 2000 learning it was developed by an escaped Lady Clare. As they couldn't find anything he couldn't stop the distribution, but was certain that they had missed something. He questioned Clare about her dealings after dealing with the Movellan duplicate of Rachel was destroyed. Learning that it was a forefront of an invasion he asked Gilmore to bring in the troops. (AUDIO: The Movellan Manoeuvre)

He ordered Rachel and Gilmore to find those those who help Clare to develop the Robo-Helpers but they were all killed in mysterious way. He wanted to find Clare to protect her from the Daleks. She later lead him and Rachel to the Movellan ship, where he made an ultimatum. He used the EMP device on the Daleks to help Rachel and Maurice Vallan to get to their ship. (AUDIO: The Dalek Gambit)


Sir Toby was known for being inscrutable, manipulative, and ambiguous, and for his good taste in art and wine. In 1965, Rachel described Sir Toby as "pig-headed" and "difficult to get along with". (AUDIO: Changing of the Guard) She later claimed that lying came as naturally as breathing to him (AUDIO: The Forgotten Village) while Ian Gilmore said he was "reliably unreliable". (AUDIO: 1963: The Assassination Games)

Sir Toby was Catholic. (AUDIO: Artificial Intelligence, The Fifth Citadel)