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Toby Barker

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Toby Barker was a porter at St Thomas' Hospital in London in the 1890s. He was responsible for delivering corpses to Professor George Litefoot's surgery. He came for Professor Litefoot's help after his wife Beryl had disappeared. This was evidently because she had visited Mrs Vanguard. Toby claimed that she had been acting strangely and screaming in the night.

Professor Litefoot discovered her body in a burnt down house. He told Toby that she had been the essence of the fire. Somehow she had burst into flame. Wanting explanations, they both visited Vanguard and discovered that Beryl was a victim of the consequences of bringing a spirit back from the dead.

Toby gave his life in the end, bursting into flames, so he could be with his wife in the afterlife. (AUDIO: The Spirit Trap)

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