Toby was a criminal hired by Arthur Terrall to kidnap Jamie McCrimmon.

In June 1866, Toby entered Theodore Maxtible's house and knocked out Jamie, and replaced Jamie's body with the body of the unconscious maid, Mollie Dawson. He then took Jamie to the house's stables.

When Terrall arrived, he was horrified at what he had done, confusing Toby. When Toby asked for his pay, at first Terrall didn't know what he was talking about. He then became angry and paid Toby.

He later returned to the stables and tried to get more money from Terrall and when Terrall refused, Toby threatened to take what he knew to someone who would pay for the information. They fought, and Toby knocked Terrall unconscious with a pitchfork. He then took Terrall's keys and sneaked into Maxtible's laboratory and snooped in some of the boxes. Also in the room, was a Dalek, which exterminated him before he could get away from it. (TV: The Evil of the Daleks)

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