Toby was a student in Sports Management at Cardiff University. Four weeks into his first year, he - along with four other boys, went missing in Cardiff Bay.

Biography Edit

Toby grew up in Leicester, where he lived with his mum, dad and sister.

He moved to Cardiff to attend university, where he became roommates with Curtis, through whom he fell in with a group of hard-drinkers studying the same course. Toby had been looking forward to gaining his independence, but found his new "friends" raucous and obnoxious; he wasn't a heavy-drinker and felt like he didn't fit in, which only exacerbated his homesickness.

When Curtis' friend Steffan proposed taking his uncle's yacht out for a midnight jaunt around the bay, Toby initially declined the idea. Following bullish protests from the rest of the group, Toby reluctantly accepted.

The group walked to Penarth Marina, from where they took the yacht out into the bay. Toby opted to stay on deck, while Curtis, Stan and Greg went below into the living quarters.

The yacht sailed into a thick bank of fog, through which Toby couldn't see or hear anything. And then, abruptly, the fog was gone. Steffan approached, confused as to how - despite maintaining direction - the yacht had doubled-back on itself and was heading back towards Cardiff.

Curtis, Stan and Greg returned from below deck, stating that they could hear scraping noises coming from beneath the boat. Stan looked over the guard rail and spotted objects bobbing in the water. Toby caught something moving out of the corner of his eye. "Zombies" climbed up the sides of the yacht and overran the boat.

The yacht was later found and towed back to Penarth Marina by police; all that remained of those on board were copious amounts of human remains, including gobbets of flesh and bone and pools of human blood. (PROSE: Bay of the Dead)

Personality Edit

Toby had been looking forward to his independence for a long time prior to settling in at Cardiff University's halls of residence. He always thought about how great it would be to be answerable to nobody but himself, though found the sudden reality of it came as a bit of a shock. He supposed he would graduate and get his own place somewhere.

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