The Right Honourable Tobias Philby was a wealthy amateur scientist in the 19th century. He purchased a manor near Treawtha and spent a year constructing a primitive time machine. During his first test flight, the vessel encountered the Doctor's TARDIS, which led it back home. Philby exited his ship, discovered the TARDIS, then departed to fetch servants to bring it home. The Third Doctor left his ship and Philby returned to retrieve it. Later, the Doctor tried to warn Philby that the villagers, believing him to be practising black magic, were going to burn down his home, but the scientist arrogantly refused to listen until it was too late. Philby and his servant Thomas escaped with the Doctor in the TARDIS, which next landed on a World War I battlefield. The three men were captured by German soldiers and nearly executed, but escaped during a British attack and made their way to the British lines. After the Doctor went on a mission to prove that they were not German spies, they were allowed to leave and returned to the TARDIS, Philby having learned the dangers of unchecked scientific research. (COMIC: The Amateur)

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