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To the Devil — a Diva! was a novel by Paul Magrs which featured characters and concepts which had previously appeared in the BBC Eighth Doctor Adventures novel Mad Dogs and Englishmen and the Short Trips story Kept Safe and Sound.

Publisher's summary[edit | edit source]

Karla Sorenson used to be big in horror films. In the 60s and 70s no self-respecting low-budget bloody schlocker shocker waas complete without the Queen of Vampires presiding all over it. She was well qualified for it, after all... at the age of ten, she sold her sold to the devil.

Now, although spookily ageless, Karla is knocking on in years. Her residuals are drying up and she needs some cash, so she decides to return to the north of England, to Manchester, to appear in Menswear, Britain's most risque TV soap opera.

But not everyone's happy about her return to the fame game. Menswear's current star is Lance Randall, the famously sexually-confused heart-throb, and he's furious to hear that Karla is about to become his co-star. He hates her, he fears her, and he's convinced that she's come to steal his very soul. Dark clouds are massing around Manchester - and a deep, dark, devilish secrets are about to be unleashed...

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