To'Koth was an Elder God worshipped by the Aquillians. Praska said he was dying and that her people wanted his powers. He used the Doctor's TARDIS to communicate with the Seventh Doctor. Ginny Greenteeth was also after his powers, and said that he had been dying under the Earth for millions of years. He spoke with Rufus Stone's voice. He told the Doctor that he wanted his help so that he could die without damaging the world as he had grown to love the people. He had grown old in the old time and was diseased. He grew tired of the children, Fenric, Moloch and Mi'en Kalarash squabbling, instead choosing to observe the people of Liverpool who he had grown fascinated with. The Doctor brought him back to his home to do die, where he called a truce between his kind and the Doctor. (AUDIO: Signs and Wonders)

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