Tlotoxl (in Azteca, Tlohtoxcatl) was an Aztec High Priest of Sacrifice in the 15th century.

When Barbara posed as the reincarnation of Yetaxa and called off the human sacrifice of the first victim, Tlotoxl declared her a false god and tried poisoning her to prove her mortality. However, his plan failed when Barbara offered them the drink.

At the solar eclipse, Tlotoxl tried stabbing Barbara, but Ian Chesterton caught him. Ian and Barbara left for the TARDIS, and Tlotoxl was offered the Perfect Victim as a sacrifice. (TV: The Aztecs) He and Tonila later prepared cocoa in honour of vanquishing Barbara. (HOMEVID: Making Cocoa)

Twenty years later, Tlohtoxcatl still held the role of High Priest. Momacani described him as appearing totally caked in soot and grime, smelling of body odour and faecal matter. However, despite his severity, Tlohtoxcatl was popularly perceived as a good man with a strong heart. (PROSE: Against Nature)

Behind the scenes Edit

  • Tlotoxl is one of the few Doctor Who villains who never receives any sort of comeuppance.
  • In Against Nature, Lawrence Burton changed the character's name to "Tlohtoxcatl" in accordance with real-world Azteca grammar. In Burton's self-published Sixth Doctor novel Smoking Mirror, it was revealed that the character died by accidentally sacrificing himself.

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