Timewyrm: Apocalypse is the third book in the New Adventures series. It was written by Nigel Robinson. It is the third book in the Timewyrm story arc, and features the Seventh Doctor and Ace

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The end of the universe. The end of everything.

The TARDIS has tracked the Timewyrm to the edge of the Universe and the end of time — to the lush planet Kirith, a paradise inhabited by a physically perfect race.

Ace is not impressed. Kirith has all the appeal of a wet weekend in Margate, and its inhabitants look like third-rate Aussie soap stars.

The Doctor is troubled, too: If the Timewyrm is here, why can't he find her? Why have the elite Panjistri lied consistently to the Kirithons they govern? And is it possible that the catastrophe that he feels impending is the result of his own past actions?

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  • This is the third novel in the Timewyrm tetralogy.
  • In this novel are several flashbacks to the Second Doctor era.
  • This is the only novel in the Timewyrm tetralogy not to share its name with a book of the Christian Bible.
  • The prologue is a brief summary of the events of the television story Logopolis.

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