A time store was a device that could stop time from passing. Despite these advanced abilities, it was only intended for refrigeration purposes.

Torchwood India obtained a time store at some point before 1924. When Captain Jack Harkness shut down Torchwood India, the Duchess decided to use the time store to repeat the day over and over so that Torchwood India effectively never shut down. As the time store was never intended to be used for so long, it started needing more and more energy. At first, it powered itself, then it required more electricity, then the potential energy from living humans. By 2009, thousands of people were being stolen to feed the time store. To deal with this, the Duchess intended to connect it to a wireless network, and return the whole world back in time to 1924, in the hope of bringing back the British Empire. When Torchwood Three and Mahajan shut down the wireless network, the time store shut down, freezing Torchwood India in time. (AUDIO: Golden Age)

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