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Time of Your Life was the eighth book in the Virgin Missing Adventures series. Written by Steve Lyons, it featured the Sixth Doctor and introduced the short-lived companion Grant Markham. Much like Jamie McCrimmon in The Highlanders, Grant was largely a background character in his debut story until the Doctor offered to take him on "one trip" in the TARDIS at the end of the novel. This proved to be no hyperbole; Markham did get only one more official trip, in 1996's Killing Ground.

In presenting a society that had begun to devolve because of its innate addiction to television, the narrative had a lot of obvious similarity to the television stories Paradise Towers and Vengeance on Varos. The story also contains a mostly subtle, but sometimes gross, criticism of Doctor Who fandom, of a kind also seen in The Greatest Show in the Galaxy.

Publisher's summary[]

"Organic bugs must be purged from the system," the screen told him. Then, more succinctly, "You die."

The Network broadcasts entertainment to the planets of the Meson system: Death-hunt 3000, Prisoner: The Next Generation, Bloodsoak Bunny... Sixteen channels, and not one of them worth watching. But for the citizens of poverty-stricken Torrok, television offers the only escape from a reality too horrible to face.

Angela, a young inhabitant of Torrok, leaps at the chance to travel to the Network with a hermit who calls himself the Doctor. However, all is not well on the giant, chaotic space station. A soap star has murdered his wife's lover; the robotic regulars of Timeriders are performing random kidnappings; and a lethal new game show is about to go on the air.

Can the Doctor uncover the cause of the apparently random disturbances — or will his appearance as a competitor on Death-hunt 3000 be the last of his life?


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