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An apatosaurus returns to its own time through a time eddy. (TV: Invasion of the Dinosaurs)

A time eddy was a distortion in the space-time continuum. Anyone displaced through time would be covered in time particles and leave behind a space-time shadow.


When the Time Lords attempted to bring the Doctor's first incarnation to his future incarnations to help fight Omega, his transportation unit became trapped in a time eddy. (TV: The Three Doctors)

Whitaker used time eddies to transport dinosaurs from the past to 1970s London as part of Operation Golden Age. A 12th century peasant was inadvertently transported too. (TV: Invasion of the Dinosaurs)

When Borusa attempted to bring the Doctor's fourth incarnation and his companion Romana to the Death Zone, they became trapped in a time eddy. (TV: The Five Doctors)

Audrey Mohinson once created time eddies to make her immersive reality game Fugitives more realistic and therefore hold back the Ravagers. After witnessing them place Roman Centurions in 1959 London and Soviet Union tanks in the Battle of Waterloo, the Ninth Doctor and Nova worked to stop them without setting the Ravagers free. (AUDIO: Sphere of Freedom)

When travelling with Donna Noble, the Tenth Doctor believed that a time eddy was causing turbulence in the TARDIS. (AUDIO: The Forever Trap)

Zorgo attempted to trap the Twelfth Doctor in a time eddy, was was unsuccessful. (COMIC: Zorgo the Terrible)

The Thirteenth Doctor once got trapped in a time eddy. She contacted human and Zygon Osgood via text message at some point in 2020, complaining about the boredom it induced for her. (WC: The Zygon Isolation)