Time Trips was a series of digital short stories released by BBC Digital in conjunction with BBC Books. It followed on the heels of the successful Puffin eshort series that ran in 2013.

One story was released each month of 2014, although the range officially began on 5 December 2013 with The Death Pit, and no releases occurred in June, July or August.

A hardcover anthology was published in North America in late February 2015, with UK release on 3 March 2015, featuring all Time Trips stories and simply entitled Time Trips. [1] The print release includes a bonus Twelfth Doctor story titled PROSE: A Long Way Down by Jenny Colgan. Unlike the other stories in the book, A Long Way Down is only printed on the removable dust jacket; the story begins on the back cover of the book and to read the complete story, the dust jacket must be removed and unfolded.

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# Title Author Doctor Companion(s) Released
1 The Death Pit A. L. Kennedy Fourth Doctor 5 December 2013
2 Into the Nowhere Jenny Colgan Eleventh Doctor Clara 16 January 2014
3 Keeping up with the Joneses Nick Harkaway Tenth Doctor Christina 6 February 2014
4 Salt of the Earth Trudi Canavan Third Doctor Jo 6 March 2014
5 A Handful of Stardust Jake Arnott Sixth Doctor Peri 3 April 2014
6 The Bog Warrior Cecelia Ahern Tenth Doctor 8 May 2014
7 The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Time Traveller Joanne Harris Third Doctor Alice 4 September 2014
8 The Anti-Hero Stella Duffy Second Doctor Jamie, Zoe 4 December 2014
9 A Long Way Down Jenny Colgan Twelfth Doctor Clara 3 March 2015

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