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Time Traveller's Diary was a book written by Chris Farnell and published by BBC Children's Books in 2020.

Publisher's summary[]

Whether you're sight-seeing in the constellation of Kasterborous or slumming it on planet Earth, you need to be able keep track of things - especially if you're a time traveller. This handy Time Lord-approved diary is perpetual, so will work whichever year you land in, and with a day to a page there's plenty of room to record your adventures or plan your next move.

It's also packed with useful information about holidays and anniversaries from all over the galaxy, from New Year's Day (1st January) to the Second Manifestation of Kroll (12th December 2528.) There's even a section of Useful Information, including international dialling codes, conversion tables for weights and measures, quantum mechanical equations, and how to tell a Silurian from a Sea Devil.


A human time traveller keeps a diary, recording various points throughout time and space to keep things straight because they are not adapted to time travel. During their travels, the time traveller becomes trapped away from their time machine on an invisible flying saucer with a cybernetic velociraptor above Carcassonne, France on 17 February 1283 at two o'clock in the afternoon. While hiding from the velociraptor, the time traveller pens a note at the front of the diary asking whoever finds to to help and bring tranquiliser darts and a large butterfly net.


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  • This novel is one of a relatively small percentage of Doctor Who media which their creators have referred to with the term of "canon", which is controversial in the Doctor Who fandom.[1]


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