Time Lord Fairy Tales: Slipcase Edition is a collection of the fifteen short stories from Time Lord Fairy Tales, plus a new short story, The Emperor Dalek's New Clothes. All sixteen short stories received a special slipcase cover.

Publisher's summary[]

With 16 hardback books each containing a fairy tale set in the world of Doctor Who, this slipcase edition of Time Lord Fairy Tales includes a brand new story for 2016: The Emperor Dalek's New Clothes.

Time Lord Fairy Tales contains legendary stories of monsters, mysteries, villains and heroes from across the Whoniverse. A beautifully illustrated collection of dark and dangerous Whovian fairy tales, this slipcase is the perfect gift for any Doctor Who fan.


# Title Featuring Read by
1 The Garden of Statues Weeping Angels Joanna Page
2 Frozen Beauty Wirrn Adjoa Andoh
3 Cinderella and the Magic Box Eleventh Doctor, Vampires Ingrid Oliver
4 The Twins in the Wood Gallifrey Anne Reid
5 The Three Little Sontarans Starn, Sontarans, Rutan Dan Starkey
6 Jak and the Wormhole Nimon Tom Baker
7 Snow White and the Seven Keys to Doomsday Sophie Aldred
8 Little Rose Riding Hood Ninth Doctor, Zygon Rachael Stirling
9 The Gingerbread Trap Krillitane Samuel Anderson
10 The Scruffy Piper Second Doctor, Cybermen, Cybermats Nicholas Briggs
11 Helana and the Beast Twelfth Doctor Pippa Bennett-Warner
12 Andiba and the Four Slitheen Slitheen family Yasmin Paige
13 The Grief Collector Tenth Doctor Michelle Gomez
14 The Three Brothers Gruff Starn Paul McGann
15 Sirgwain and the Green Knight Ice Warrior Andrew Brooke
16 The Emperor Dalek's New Clothes Dalek Emperor, Daleks


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