A very old Time Lord was changing into his robes of state when the Fourth Doctor stole his cloak and switched it with Gold Usher robes to gain access to the Panopticon. He told one of his contemporaries that he had witnessed the inauguration of Pandak III. He grumbled that more recent Lord Presidents didn't have the same staying power as Pandak, who had reigned for nine hundred years. His colleague noticed that this Time Lord was about put on the wrong robes, but when he tried to find his real robes the Doctor was gone.

Having been present at the Lord President's assassination, he gave evidence at the Doctor's trial that he had seen the Doctor running to the Panopticon balcony just before. The Time Lord noted that the Doctor had "pushed past [me] in a loutish and unmannerly way". When Chancellor Goth asked him if he was getting hard of hearing, he told Goth that he had been "having a bit of trouble with my hip lately" (TV: The Deadly Assassin)