In a parallel universe, the Time Lords were a species from Gallifrey.

In that universe, the Doctor was a bestselling author however eventually decided to leave Gallifrey and found a TARDIS to steal. However, having been grooming the Doctor to be President of the Supreme Council for years, Quences convinced him he’d changed his mind and kept him imprisoned in the TARDIS. His family, ignorant of the situation, simply regarded the Doctor as reclusive. During the Doctor’s unknowing imprisonment, his granddaughter Susan rose through the ranks and won election as President. On the eve of her inauguration, she visited the Doctor and helped him realise the truth. He decided to finally leave Gallifrey (AUDIO: Auld Mortality) whilst she stayed to be President. (AUDIO: A Storm of Angels)

President Susan spent most of her tenure covering up her grandfather’s actions, as he recklessly changed time on his adventures. She sent Zeuro to try to stop him interfering. After the Supreme Council discovered the Doctor’s actions, Susan was forced to authorise his execution and personally travelled to meet him. After they defeated the Angels, she was won over by him and swapped places with a dying facsimile of herself that the Doctor had made in a possibility engine. The facsimile Susan returned to Gallifrey to continue the Presidency until her eventual death due to radiation poisoning. (AUDIO: A Storm of Angels)

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