The fifth instalment of Doctor Who Extra was attached to the fifth episode of Series 8, Time Heist. It was released on both BBC iPlayer online and the BBC Red Button on television following the episode's broadcast on BBC One.

Aspects of production covered Edit

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Additional topics covered Edit

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People interviewed Edit

Pippa Bennett-Warner was asked who she would take the form of if she was really a shape-shifter, like her character, Saibra. She immediately responded "Beyoncé."

Keeley Hawes was asked if she shared any traits with her character, Ms. Delphox.

Jonathan Bailey talked about his character Psi. Alec Fitzpatrick explained how the memory worms move. Douglas Mackinnon was also interviewed.

And, of course, Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman spoke out about the episode.

Home video releases Edit

The video was released in the Complete Eighth Series box set.

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