Time Fraud was an Eleventh Doctor comic story in IDW Publishing's Doctor Who Annual 2012.

Publisher's summary[]

The TARDIS is drawn to a time-lost chrononaut, which leads to the discovery of surviving Time Lords in "Time Fraud".


Two construction workers in Cuzco, Peru in 1992 talk jokingly about stories of an Incan ghost haunting the place. Suddenly, a mysterious feathered figure appears.

In the TARDIS, the Eleventh Doctor is about to take Amy Pond and Rory Williams to the planet of Florana, when they are dragged off course and trapped in a time corridor. They land in Peru in 1992.

On the planet Helion, home of the bird-like Ra'ra'vis, the solstice of Pajaro approaches, and is being celebrated in the city of Nidus. Every generation the crystalline moons of Helion align with its sun and create an energy beam that lasts for a few hours is used to rejuvenate the old and sick.

Ra'ra'vis scientist Tigil and Entek, a young chrononaut, who is the son of Philibus, the Potentate of Helion, prepare for their first time travel experiment, powered thanks to the fact that a unique double solstice was to happen. After they open a time corridor, the equipment malfunctions and Tigil loses trace of Entek.

Philibus is outraged and demands that Tigil find a way to bring his son back. Tigil then suggests that they try to contact the legendary Time Lords for help. After they send a message throught the vortex, a mysterious hooded figure appears on a spaceship near Helion and demands that he be taken to the Ra'ra'vis leader.

The Doctor, Amy and Rory find Entek in Peru and take him to the TARDIS. When they learn of the situation, they call the Ra'ra'vis homeworld, only to be told by Philibus that Helion has already enlisted help... from Gallifrey.

The Doctor sets course to Helion and is greeted by soldiers in Gallifreyan Chancellery Guard uniforms and a man claiming to be Time Lord Castellan Bond who orders the "renegades" to be arrested.

The Doctor, Amy, Rory and Entek manage to escape capture and incapacitate two of the supposed Time Lords, who turn out to be have only one heart each. The Doctor questions one of his captives, a woman called Nimu, the leader of the group of shape-shifting Gizou mercenaries. As it turns out, they were contracted for the mission by "Bond" in exchange for a cure to the disease that was killing their people. The Doctor convinces her and her brother Kemos to help him instead.

The Doctor confronts "Bond" who turns out to be a rogue Time Agent called Scott Thrower, who wanted to use the power of the solstice to rejuvenate and become young again. He says that in order to enlist the help of Gizou, he actually gave them the disease in the first place and shoots Philibus.

The Doctor disables Thrower's gun and while he does become younger, the Doctor says that he will serve a life sentence in a Shadow Proclamation prison. However, at that moment Thrower decides to use his vortex manipulator and disappears.

Finally, the de-aged Thrower appears as a child on Earth, at the Holly Tree Lodge in 1965, where he is found by a young Clement McDonald and becomes one of the children taken by Jack Harkness to the 456.



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