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Doctor Who: Time Fracture was a stage show produced by Immersive Theatre and licensed by BBC Studios, with James Goss acting as lore consultant and script editor. The staged production - billed as an "immersive experience" - was written by Daniel Dingsdale. It tied in with Time Lord Victorious.

It featured video and audio clips, special effects, screen-used props and creatures, and music cues from the series.[1] After being delayed from its initial opening date in 2020 due to COVID-19,[1] it finally opened on 26 May 2021 at Davies Mews in London. The show had a length of two hours and fifteen minutes.[2]

All of the main TV Doctors were featured in some capacity, represented in a variety of ways.[3]


1942 – at the height of the Blitz. A weapon of unknown origin destroys a small corner of Mayfair, and simultaneously opens a rift in space and time. For decades, UNIT have fought undetected to protect the people of Earth from the dangers it poses. Weakened and beaten back as the fracture’s multiplied out of control, they're close to defeat.



A group of civilian volunteers, recommended by the Doctor themselves, are taken to a UNIT facility, where either Dr H. Sullivan or Dr Errol Courtney informs them of the threat of the Time Fracture while waiting for all volunteers to be present. Once they are all in attendance, he ushers them into the UNIT laboratory.


In the earlier productions, the audience (entering in stages for COVID regulations) are given a quick history on the Time Fracture by a video message from Kate Stewart before entering the UNIT laboratory. In later ones, they are briefed in the lab and will receive the video message from Kate Stewart as a 'briefing'.

Time Fracture UNIT Blacksite with First Doctor.jpg

The volunteers are taken into the UNIT laboratory and given an introduction to Operation Time Fracture and the means by which they will travel through time to fix the breaking reality, with consequences ranging from dinosaurs roaming New York City to the President of the United States being turned into an orange.

The volunteers are at times taken to different rooms to complete certain missions, one of these within the Black Archive, which houses K9 Mark III, Handles and the Osgood Boxes. A crazed scientist, Dr Shaw, relays their theory to the small group that the Time Disruptor was not dropped during the Blitz as the official theory goes, but that it is yet to be dropped in the future. Davros can contact a volunteer in a secret room, giving them a piece of Dalek technology to help Davros to invade Gallifrey.

However, the UNIT laboratory is attacked by the Daleks, though they are repelled by the First and Thirteenth Doctors. Since neither can fully assist due to the nature of the Time Fracture, they urge the volunteers to find the pieces of the Time Disruptor that created the Time Fracture.

Act One[]

At a fork in the path, some volunteers go left and some go right.

Right path[]

Those who went to the right find their way to Borlls' Salvage and Import Export Imporium, but they are soon ushered into Elizabethan era England, where they can meet Elizabeth I and William Shakespeare. Missing UNIT soldier Robert Dudley is also present at the Queen's court. They also could find Time Agents, Brian and a Gallifreyan named Zoria all searching for pieces of the Time Disruptor, with Brian on the hunt for Zoria due to being hired to kill her. Zoria will recruit several volunteers to assist her, initially seeming to be a friendly figure, and will send or lead them to Shakespeare, Torchwood Three's base in the Victorian era, or Leonardo da Vinci. With the Time Fracture causing time to accelerate, a fight breaks out at Elizabeth's Court during a showing of Shakespeare's latest play, and Dudley is killed by Zoria. After the chaos dies down, the volunteers are forced to flee through the Time Fracture when the CyberMondans invade Elizabeth's Court.

Left path[]

Those who go left are sent deep into the heart of the alien market, where they are taken off into different groups to different locations, including a place with a member of the Sisterhood of Karn, who warns the volunteers of the dangers of the Time Lords, and tells them to look for Brian the Ood. He will initiate them into the Lesser Order of Oberon, inform them about Zoria and the fact that he needs to kill her and ask them to retrieve a weapon capable of killing a Time Lord from Kerb!am. This weapon will be sent to Brian's safe place in da Vinci's study. Brian and the volunteers set off to search for the study, first arriving at Torchwood's office before making their way to da Vinci's study successfully. However, the weapon has been outlawed by the Shadow Proclamation and so has been seized from the Kerb!am package. Therefore, Brian takes the volunteers to visit Davros on Skaro where he makes one of the volunteers ask Davros for a weapon capable of killing a Time Lord. It is revealed at this point that it was Davros that hired Brian to kill Zoria in the first place. After returning from Skaro, Brian and the volunteers are forced through the Time Fracture and end up onboard the ZZ1.

Alternatively, they may be met by Captain Steven Davies who tells them they need to get to his Torchwood office, there he realises his Victorian office has been merged with one from the future. A part of the Time Disrupter is there as well as a Kerb!am ticket which brings the group to the Kerb!am office, upon taking a package the group returns to Davies where the packages contents is revealed to be a USB stick. The USB stick contains a message from Professor River Song, her and Davies talk but she is then absorbed by the Time Fracture - imploring the volunteers figure it out. Using sheets from the newer side of the office, Davies will either bring the group to meet Dudley or da Vinci where their plotline will merge with another.

Time Fracture da Vinci's study.jpg

Another location is Leonardo da Vinci's study, with da Vinci wearing an Eye Drive due to a Silent appearing sporadically in his mirror. Talking with Da Vinci, he reveals that he created the Time Disruptor for Zoria, but believed it to be a Temporal Restorer to fix the damage; as it was calibrated to be used on Earth but will be activated on Gallifrey, he has made a crucial mistake in his design that means the device will cause what it was intended to stop. As different people visit da Vinci's study while he is painting the Mona Lisa, Zoria steals the plans for the Time Disruptor. Then a fight breaks out between Borlls and Zoria, who kills Borlls. The volunteers chase Zoria to Elizabethan England, where Dudley warns them that the Queen has the Coronet of Rassilon, but the volunteers are quickly forced to flee through the Time Fracture when the CyberMondans invade Elizabeth's Court after Zoria kills Dudley and takes the Coronet.

Zoria's perusal[]

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Information about what actually happens on this path needs to be added.

During the events, Zoria is pursued by volunteers working for another Gallifreyan (appearing in two different incarnations) who hopes to stop her preventing Gallifrey's fall at the cost of the rest of the universe.


Time Fracture ZZ1.jpg

The volunteers find themselves onboard the ZZ1, where they are given refreshments while a Silurian and a Crespallion perform songs for them (in some performances, there's two Crespallions or even just one Crespallion). Brian collects a Kerb!am package from the bar. Zoria abruptly appears to steal another piece of the Time Disruptor and manages to get away with it after killing Brian. The ZZ1 is then commandeered and taken to Gallifrey.

Act Two[]

Going to Gallifrey[]

The volunteers are led to Gallifrey in stages by both incarnations of the Time Lord. After escaping an attack by the Weeping Angels in a mannequin-filled cellar, the volunteers run through the Kasaavin realm, and up a flight of stairs, a part of the castle in Heaven Sent and find themselves in the Gallifrey Falls No More section of the Under Gallery, where a third incarnation of the Time Lord appears to instruct them that they need to ensure the Time Disruptor detonates to cause the very time fractures that allow them to stop it.

On Gallifrey[]

The volunteers find themselves with the High Council of Gallifrey, who can't agree whether to use the Time Disruptor to fully resurrect Rassilon and hold a debate. In later showings, a new regeneration of Romana is attempting to prevent Rassilon's return and expells Zoria from the Prydorian Chapter for her crimes; even the Time Lords who wish to bring back Rassilon turn their backs on Zoria now she's no longer useful.

In the final performance, Zoria was instead offered the opportunity to leave the Prydorian Chapter and join the Arcalian Chapter.

Rassilon themself commands the Council to resurrect them to do so when the debating proves fruitless. (The gender of Rassilon's form changes depending on the show) However, no sooner have they been resurrected to carry out the Ultimate Sanction with the Time Disruptor, Rassilon and the High Council are killed in a Dalek attack orchestrated by Davros, though the volunteers are still able to repel the Daleks from Gallifrey.

As the Time Fracture begins to get out of control, all thirteen Doctors, as well as the War Doctor and the Fugitive Doctor, lead the volunteers into pouring out the artron energy they had absorbed from the Time Fracture into the Time Disruptor, disabling the weapon and closing the Time Fracture.


With the universe saved, the volunteers are returned to UNIT laboratory, where they can have their photo taken with the Doctor's TARDIS. The Doctor informs them that they have successfully prevented the time fracture from ever existing, leaving the UNIT staff thanking the volunteers but unaware what they've done.


Due to the nature of the production, the audience members themselves are active participants, but for obvious reasons of practicality, cannot be covered by the wiki. Not all characters are necessarily featured in a single individual's given experience of the story. Despite being effective contributors in a cast capacity, the pre-recorded and archive contributors were unusually all listed within the "Production Team" credits section of the show companion guide, rather than the more appropriate "The Cast" credits section where all the live actors were credited. Additionally, all Doctors were credited in the guide either simply as 'The Doctor' (in the case of those who'd previously portrayed the part on TV) or without the attachment of any credit (in the case of impressionists like Dudman).[4]

Pre-recorded video[]

Pre-recorded audio[]

Archive audio[]

Live actors[]

Due to the nature of live theatrical production, cast would not necessarily play all of their credited roles in one given production. Understudies - credited variably as Understudy and US in the show guide - will perform a given understudied role in the event that the usual performers of that role are unable to do so for some reason. Jessica Hern is credited as "Understudy Elizabeth Cover", but no indication is given that this differs from a typical understudy role.

However, John Sodiq Akanmu's role as a swing does differ from an understudy role. Swings are members of a cast that understudy multiple roles - often most or all of the main roles - to cover for the possibility of extreme unforeseen circumstances that would leave a role unfilled even with the given assignment of understudies.

As of 8 June 2021, according to Daniel Dingsdale, further filming is still underway for at least one yet-to-be-added segment.[20]


Creative Team[]

  • Produced by Immersive Everywhere[4]
  • Tom Maller - Director[10][4]
  • Daniel Dingsdale - Writer[10][4]
  • Rebecca Brower - Production Designer[10][4]
  • Terry Cook - Lighting Designer (for Woodroffe Bassett Design)[10][4]
  • Luke Swaffield - Sound Designer (for Autograph)[10][4]
  • Novak - Video & Projection Design[10][4]
  • Jon Bulleid - Illusion Design & Director[10][4]
  • Carly Blackburn - Movement Director[10][4]
  • Danny Nolan - Music Producer & Composer[10][4]
  • Barnaby Race - Music Content Creator[4] [The website listing also credits Barnaby for Additional Songs][10]
  • Brian Hook, Elliot Hargreaves, Louis Hartshorn, Mark Hargreaves, Mark Hurry - Executive Producers for Immersive Everywhere[4]
  • James Goss - Lore Consultant & Script Editor[10][4]

The Company[]

  • Matt North - Company Manager[10][4]
  • Daniel Gammon - Stage Manager[10][4]
  • Lorna Adamson - Deputy Stage Manager[10][4]
  • Sarah Coates - Assistant Stage Manager (Book Cover)[10][4]
  • Danielle Whitfield - Assistant Stage Manager[10][4]
  • Peter Carrington - Assistant Stage Manager[10][4]
  • Debs Machin - Assistant Stage Manager[10][4]
  • Sophie Cairns - Assistant Stage Manager[10][4]
  • Amy Warren - Assistant Stage Manager[10][4]
  • Virna Sologaistoa - Covid Compliance Officer[10][4]
  • Jack Berry - Head of Lighting[10][4]
  • Harry Johnson - Head of Sound[10][4]
  • Edward Aspinall - Head of Video[10][4]
  • Liam Sayer - Technical Swing LX/Video[10][4]
  • Gabriel Maillard - Technical Swing Sound/Video[10][4]
  • Marta Bagnoli - Wigs, Hair and Make Up Manager[10][4]
  • Martin Ramsin - Wigs, Hair and Make Up Deputy[4]
  • Jen Clarke - Wardrobe Manager[10][4]
  • Emily Noble - Wardrobe Assistant[10][4]
  • Ester Mangas - Wardrobe Assistant[10][4]
  • Fiona Kingwill - Resident Director[10][4]
  • Emily Bestow - Art Standby[10][4]
  • Rebecca Craven - Operations Manager[10] [Credited as Rebecca in the show guide, and as Becky on the website listing.][4]
  • Iain Fraser-Barker - Front of House Manager[10][4]
  • Rich Penrose - Bar Manager[10][4]

Production Team[]

  • Peter Huntley - Executive Producer[4]
  • Rebecca Woolcock - Producer[4]
  • Hartshorn-Hook Enterprises - General Management[4]
  • Katy Eynon - General Manager and Casting Co-Ordinator[4]
  • Sophie Handley - Production Co-Ordinator and Casting Assistant[4]
For Gary Beestone Events and Theatre[]
  • Zoe Snow - Production Manager[10]
  • Oli Bagwell-Purefoy - Assistant Production Manager[4]
General Production[]
  • Jim Douglas - Production Sound Engineer[4]
  • Chris Moore - Assistant Production Sound Engineer[4]
  • Raffaela Pancucci - Assistant Sound Designer[4]
  • Autograph Sound - Sound Equipment Hire[4]
  • Adam Povey - Production LX[4]
  • Miriam Bull - Associate Lighting Designer[4]
  • Matt Ladkin - Associate Lighting Designer / Programmer[4]
  • Caz Coronel - Production DJ[4]
  • Graymatter Video - Video System Design & Consultancy[4]
  • Hannah Postlethwaite - Assistant Designer[4]
  • Tash Shepherd - Head Scenic Artist[4]
  • Madeleine Young - Deputy Scenic Artist[4]
  • Jonny Brown, Jodie Pritchard - Scenic Artists [4]
  • Emily Bestow, Christianna Mason - Art Department[4]
  • Mike Tucker, James Sutton[21][22], Emma Douglas, ProperlyMade Ltd., Deadline Technical Management, David Thompson, Karol Jaworski, Olivia Franklin, Amelia Reynolds, Noah Cousins, Barney Askew, Ted Harrison - Props Makers[4] [Ted Harrison's contribution subtitled as working for Evolution Effects.]
  • Illusion Design and Construct - Scenic Construction & Production Build[4]
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  • Isabella Clews - Costume Work Experience[4]
  • Millennium FX, Robert Allsopp - Special FX Costumes[4] [Robert's name is misspelt in the programme as Rob Allsop.]
  • Sarah Ninot, Michelle Bristow, Jen Clarke, Mark Wheeler, Clare Stagg, Claire Housden, Claire Strickland, Cleo Pettitt - Costume Makers[4]
  • Aaron Merriman, David Cauchi - Illusion Builders[4]
  • Sam Stuart - Onsite Carpenter[4]
  • Connection Crew - Crewing[4]
  • London Venue Transfer - Transport[4]
  • Brian Cleary - Health and Safety Officer & Covid Monitoring (for Safety Geeks)[4]
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For Hartshorn-Hook Enterprises[]
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For Showtime Worldwide[]
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For Probity Worldwide[]
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For Crown Brands Live[]
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For Arts Tickets[]
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  • Charmaine Thomas - Ticketing Manager[4]
  • Cydney Folan - Ticketing Assistant[4]
For Immersive|Ldn[]
With thanks to[]
  • All on-site crew and contractors[4]
  • The staff and students of the Central Schools of Speech and Drama[4]
  • Johanne Jensen[4]
  • White Light Ltd[4]
  • Electric Foundry[4]
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For BBC Studios[]
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With Special Thanks to:[]
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For BBC Studios - Doctor Who Production Team[]

Though not credited in the show guide, music from Murray Gold is also featured within the show.[23]

Website Listed Crew[]

These names do not feature in the show guide, but have been credited on the website listings.

  • Stuart Boother - Fight Director[10]
  • Louise Duggan, Zands Duggan - Period Music Composers[10]
  • Ryan O'Conner - Art Director[10][18] [Misspelt as Ryan O'Connor on the website][24]
  • Mark Jones - Costume Supervisor[10]
  • Fiona Kingwill - Assistant Director[10]
  • Brodie Turner - Safeguarding Consultant[10]

Featured creatures/monsters[]

The number of creatures featured in a single individual's given experience of the story will vary based on their own choices, as well as their own decisions to explore outside the plot.

Featured/visited locales[]

The number of locales featured in a single individual's given experience of the story will vary based on their own choices, as well as their own decisions to explore outside the plot.

As part of marketing, it was stated that there were 17 different worlds.[29]


Act One[]


  • ZZ1 Spaceship Bar

Act Two[]


Story notes[]

  • Easter eggs in The Lonely Assassins video game reference this stage play's plot.
  • To research for writing Time Fracture, Dingsdale watched over 400 episodes of Doctor Who.[1]
  • John Barrowman reprised his role as Captain Jack Harkness in a pre-recorded video segment, but it was removed from the show shortly before the opening date.[34] According to Daniel Dingsdale, "when that decision was made there were changes made within the story to fill that – that section – and there’s something very exciting that’s happening – that is indeed at this moment happening. We’ve got some more filming to do, which I think people will be very excited about."[20] This appears to have been referring to the addition of Alex Kingston reprising her role as River Song on 15 June 2021.[6]
  • Some of the set dressing was original screen-used props, whilst other items were replicas.[1]
  • During the interval, a Silurian and a blue woman named Celeste sing several songs to entertain the audience members.
  • The initial printing of the Time Fracture show companion guide omitted several crew members' credits. This was fixed by 6 June 2021 in subsequent printings since.

Easter eggs[]

Time Fracture graffiti.jpg
  • In the opening foyer, there were several walls of graffiti containing numerous references including: "Bad Wolf", "Torchwood",[35] "When I Say Run" (in reference to dialogue in The Invasion), "Mr Smith I Need You" (in reference to The Sarah Jane Adventures),[36] "Hello Sweetie", "Geronimo", "Are You My Mummy?"[37] and "The Doctor Donna".[38]
  • William Shakespeare is a featured character that audience members may encounter.[39]
  • Posters for Vitex, Kerb!am and the "Vote Saxon" campaign are featured in areas.[23]
  • Queen Elizabeth wears the Coronet of Rassilon at one point in the production.
  • Both a Torchwood Institute agent and a Time Agent are featured within paths of the story.
  • Props featured in the Black Archive area include; K9, Clockwork Droid masks, Handles, the Tunguska Scroll, Amy Pond's sonic probe, a Dalek "tommy gun" (from Evolution of the Daleks), a Betamax recorder (from The Idiot's Lantern) and the Osgood boxes.
  • Props featured in Da Vinci's study include; the Chinese Puzzle Box (from Mona Lisa's Revenge).
  • Props featured in the Torchwood Hub include; Owen Harper's labcoat and Object 1.
  • Props featured in the Borlls' Imporium include; a chair from the Eleventh Doctor's first TARDIS console room, parts of the Lazarus Machine, Cassandra's frame.
  • Props featured in the 1940s London area include; a miniature version of the gates from 76 Totter's Lane and a clock from Sardicktown.
  • Malcolm Taylor's office is also featured prior to entering the story.

Cancelled performances[]

  • 22 April 2021 - 25 May 2021: Cancelled with postponement of those tickets to the amended opening of the stage play, beginning on 26 May 2021.[40]
  • 14 July 2021 - 18 July 2021: Cancelled due to set damage, as a result of flooding from heavy rainfall damaging a storm drain at the venue.[41]
  • 18 July 2021 - 25 July 2021: Cancelled due to continued work on the flood damage.[42] Several people online reported their tickets for performances as late as 25 July 2021 had been refunded prior to this being officially announced.[43][44][45]
  • 25 July 2021 - 3 August 2021: Cancelled due to a further flood causing more damage to the sets.[46]
  • 3 August 2021 - 25 November 2021: Cancelled to allow for repair work needed as a result of the second flood.[47]


Loading map...

Time Fracture was located at numbers 1-8 Davies Mews in London with the postcode W1K 5AB. It was given the name "UNIT HQ".


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