Time's Team was the ninth story in the Bernice Summerfield anthology A Life of Surprises. It was written by David A. McIntee.

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Bernice Summerfield is due at a dig on the Koloppan moon, but her shuttle is delayed in orbit of Koloppo. Her presence at the dig is vital because it is being broadcast to the people of Koloppo.

Benny wanders into the shuttle's bar and discovers that they are airing the dig. Depressed, she heads back to her room. Brax contacts her and learns she is delayed; he has an idea — they will fake her appearance. Benny sets up a camera in her room, focusing it on the starfield outside her window. Surely no one will recognise that the stars are not in the same position as those on the moon.

Several crew members watch the broadcast, and they recognise that Benny is aboard their ship. One of them, Kreel, thinks the government is using their tax dollars to perpetuate a fraud. He convinces two other crewmen, Carruthers and Bolland, to warn Prof. Summerfield that her image is being faked.

Benny takes a break from filming and heads to the bar. However, at the moment the broadcast is replaying one of her earlier moments, and she is recognised by the barman and several passengers. When she arrives back at her room, the three crew members are waiting for her.

At first she thinks they are on to her, but then she realises they think she's not aware of the fraud. She intends to bluff her way through, but Kreel recognises that the stars on the recording match where they are now. Benny tries to explain, and tells them how difficult it is for her to be kept away from this dig. She asks for their help and discretion, and they want something in return.

Benny heads for the bar. The barman and the passengers can see that she is both in the bar and on the screen at the same time. They are suspicious, but Bolland enters the bar and loudly refers to the televised Benny as this Benny's sister. The barman and passengers are convinced.

Benny finally reaches the dig, and she's not alone: Kreel, Carruthers and Bolland are with her, eager to participate.

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