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Time's Assassin was the fifth story in the eighth series of The Fourth Doctor Adventures, produced by Big Finish Productions. It was written by Guy Adams and featured Tom Baker as the Fourth Doctor, Jane Slavin as Ann Kelso and John Leeson as K9 Mark II.

This was the continuation of a story which began in The False Guardian.

Publisher's summary[]

The true identity of the Director has been revealed and he wants vengeance upon the Doctor for past crimes...

But the Director is not the only danger to the crew of the TARDIS. Deadly experiments are coming to a head, and everyone’s life is at risk.

However, the greatest threat is yet to come. The Syndicate’s plans are in motion... and no one is safe from them.


Part one[]

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Part two[]

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  • The Zephon think they are so perfect that they name everything "Zephon." They come from the ocean world of Zephon. The Director mentions having developed lungs.
  • The Master of Celation informed Zephon's family of his betrayl by the First Doctor, who framed Zephon as a traitor. The Lady Zephon had to convince Vice President Zephon that Zephon was not a traitor.
  • The Doctor becomes part of the chronal wavefront but the TARDIS homes in on him before he completely loses his body, albeit slowly because of his ability to travel in time. He releases the people trapped in the wavefront into the Time Vortex so they can have some form of existence.
  • "Sleeper Time Agent" Kelso shoots Brox and Zephon, then sets his ship to explode.
  • Zephon is not yet a member of the Syndicate. They are eager to have the Doctor as a member.
  • This strain of Varga plants retain their memories and are able to organize an attack on the facility.


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