Tim Treloar played the Third Doctor in the 2013 anniversary story The Light at the End, and the Third Doctor Adventures stories Prisoners of the Lake, The Havoc of Empires, The Transcendence of Ephros, The Hidden Realm, The Conquest of Far, Storm of the Horofax, The Rise of the New Humans and The Tyrants of Logic.

He has also portrayed many other characters in several Big Finish Doctor Who audio stories: An Unnamed Time Lord President in The Great War, Tangled Web and X and the Daleks, Lord Jack Corrigan in Destination: Nerva, Ingiger in Gods and Monsters, Tyron in The Burning Prince, Van Cleef in Return of the Rocket Men, Telephus and Cisyphus in Mask of Tragedy, Ergu in The Exxilons, Prime Minister Jeremy Thorpe in Damascus and John Hughes in Black Thursday. He also read Short Trips stories Damascus and Gardeners' Worlds.

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