The Eleventh Doctor often wore bowties, which he said were "cool". (TV: A Good Man Goes to War

A tie was an article of clothing commonly associated with men's apparel on the planet Earth. Ties were worn for their style value, but could also signal levels of formality, association with particular schools, companies or other groups. A tie was favoured by the Doctor in most of their incarnations.

The Doctor's ties[edit | edit source]

The Doctor regularly wore a tie of some form in most, though not all, of their incarnations.

First Doctor[edit | edit source]

The First Doctor almost always wore a wing collar with a royal blue ribbon tie. (TV: An Unearthly Child, The Daleks, The Dalek Invasion of Earth) On one occasion he wore an ascot tie that had a black-and-white checked pattern. (TV: The Rescue, The Web Planet) He also wore a black ascot tie up to his death. (TV: The Tenth Planet, Twice Upon A Time)

Second Doctor[edit | edit source]

The Second Doctor typically wore a small, pre-tied bow tie, attached to his shirt with a safety pin. It performed the function of closing the top of his shirt, in place of a collar button. (TV: The Power of the Daleks)

Third Doctor[edit | edit source]

The Third Doctor occasionally wore ties, favouring cravats (TV: Spearhead from Space - Inferno, The Dæmons, The Mutants) and bow ties (TV: The Three Doctors, Frontier in Space - Planet of the Spiders) to go with his velvet smoking jackets.

Fourth Doctor[edit | edit source]

The Fourth Doctor sometimes wore a four-in-hand knot tie, (TV: The Talons of Weng-Chiang onwards) but also wore a neckerchief (TV: Robot - Terror of the Zygons) or a loose cravat. (TV: Pyramids of Mars onwards)

Fifth Doctor[edit | edit source]

The Fifth Doctor did not generally wear a tie, preferring to wear his shirt open-collared. On one occasion, however, he dressed in early European-style finery and wore a layered cravat in his role as owner of the Tempus Fugit. (PROSE: The Crystal Bucephalus)

Sixth Doctor[edit | edit source]

The Sixth Doctor wore long cravats in a basic bow form in the style of the First Doctor, but his became wider at the ends with diagonal edges. Rather than being plain, they were either teal (TV: Twin Dilemma), red (TV: The Mysterious Planet) or purple (PROSE: The Quantum Archangel) with polka dots, or yellow with a starfield pattern. (TV: Terror of the Vervoids)

Seventh Doctor[edit | edit source]

The Seventh Doctor's red tie. (PROSE: Original Sin)

Early in his incarnation the Seventh Doctor wore a red four-in-hand tie in a paisley pattern, (TV: Time and the Rani onwards) but later replaced it with a similar tie in burgundy. (TV: Battlefield) Later in his incarnation, he wore a solid red four-in-hand tie, (PROSE: Original Sin) and had adopted a brown tie with a black zig zag pattern by the end of his life. (TV: Doctor Who)

While in Perivale in 1883 at Gabriel Chase the Seventh Doctor deflected anticipated criticism from Ernest Matthews by saying, "Let me guess. My theories appal you, my heresies outrage you, I never answer letters, and you don't like my tie!" (TV: Ghost Light)

Eighth Doctor[edit | edit source]

The Eighth Doctor's cravat. (TV: Doctor Who)

The Eighth Doctor adopted a silky cravat, starting with the Wild Bill Hickok costume he appropriated shortly after regeneration. (TV: Doctor Who)

In 1930, when he was aboard the R101 airship the Eighth Doctor was denied access to an area of the R101; he protested, "I'm wearing a tie!" (AUDIO: Storm Warning)

Joe Smith, an alternate version of the Eighth Doctor, wore a question mark tie. (COMIC: The Glorious Dead)

At the end of his life, he had switched to a four-in-hand ascot tie. He felt he had "moved on" from cravats. (AUDIO: Planet of the Ogrons) Evidently exhausted by the unrelenting conflict of the Last Great Time War, the manner in which he tied his ascot lacked attention to neatness and appeared hastily bundled on. (TV: The Night of the Doctor)

Ninth Doctor[edit | edit source]

Clive Finch owned a photograph of the Ninth Doctor in 1912 Southampton, in which he was dressed in era-appropriate formal wear including a maroon brocade cravat. (TV: Rose) Otherwise, this incarnation notably did not wear any neck wear with his usual attire; Hetty Warner noted this specifically and helped her identify him when she spotted the Doctor during the day time. (AUDIO: The Oncoming Storm)

Tenth Doctor[edit | edit source]

The Tenth Doctor usually wore four-in-hand ties of various patterns with his suits, but he also went open-collared sometimes. (TV: The Christmas Invasion) On formal occasions, such as the presentation by Lazarus Laboratories (TV: The Lazarus Experiment) or the party on the Titanic, (TV: Voyage of the Damned) he wore a bow tie.

In 2008, before they had met from her perspective, the Tenth Doctor got Martha Jones' attention in the street and dramatically took off his tie. He did this after they had met and experienced the story's events in his timeline, but before this in hers, as a "cheap trick" to prove he was telling the truth about time travel. (TV: Smith and Jones)

Eleventh Doctor[edit | edit source]

Following his regeneration and recovery, the Eleventh Doctor was pinned to a car by Amy Pond, who slammed the door onto the Tenth Doctor's tie to keep him from moving. After choosing a new outfit, he proclaimed that "bow ties [were] cool", and took to wearing them. (TV: The Eleventh Hour) (TV: Amy's Choice, Vincent and the Doctor, The Lodger, The Big Bang) While on Demon's Run, the Eleventh Doctor defended this belief on meeting Melody Pond. (TV: A Good Man Goes to War) Amy would often insist that they were not as cool as he thought, and his successor admitted that the Eleventh Doctor's obsession with bow-ties was "a bit embarrassing." (TV: Time Heist)

The Eleventh Doctor generally wore one of several red or blue bow ties with his usual outfit. On formal occasions such as Rory and Amy's wedding (TV: The Big Bang) and his own death by poisoning, (TV: Let's Kill Hitler) he wore a tailcoat with a white bow tie.

The Doctor (actually the Teselecta which was disguised as him) untied one of his blue bow ties and used it to bind his and River Song's hands together in a handfasting as part of their wedding ceremony. (TV: The Wedding of River Song)

He discarded his bow tie shortly before regeneration, deciding to let go of that attachment to this life. (TV: The Time of the Doctor)

Twelfth Doctor[edit | edit source]

While posing as a Clockwork Droid not long after his predecessor had regenerated, the Twelfth Doctor wore a suit stolen from one of the robots that included a four-in-hand tie, but, upon choosing his regular attire, adopted a tieless look. (TV: Deep Breath)

When the Doctor and Clara visited the Orient Express in space he wore a cravat tied in the same manner as the ones he used during his first incarnation. (TV: Mummy on the Orient Express)

The Dream Lord[edit | edit source]

The Dream Lord wore a red bow tie with his outfit. (TV: Amy's Choice)

The Master's ties.[edit | edit source]

The Master sometimes wore ties when posing as men of buisness. (TV: Terror of the Autons)

When stranded on Cheetah World, the Master wore a midnight blue bow tie. (TV: Survival)

The Master's 'bald' incarnation wore kipper ties done in either plain black (AUDIO: Eyes of the Master) or striped black and pink. (AUDIO: Masterplan). While posing as the "Other Doctor", he wore a striped black and gold cravat or a down over a forest green tie in a basic bow (AUDIO: Dominion)

The War Master wore black cravats (AUDIO: Only the Good, The Master of Callous, Day of the Master, Rage of the Time Lords)

When posing as Harold Saxon, the Master wore skinny ties. (TV: Sound of Drums/Last of the Time Lords)

As Missy, the Master wore a rust orange cravat tie. (TV: Extremis, Lie of the Land)

When posing as O, the Master wore a black bow tie. (TV: Spyfall)

Other notable ties[edit | edit source]

Ian Chesterton often wore a four-in-hand tie while travelling with the First Doctor. On Vortis, the Doctor used Ian's Coal Hill School tie to test an unknown liquid, finding it to be acid. Ian was momentarily more concerned about the loss of his tie than the fact that his life had just been saved. (TV: The Web Planet)

Vislor Turlough continued to wear his Brendon Public School uniform, complete with school tie and wing collar, through most of his travels with the Fifth Doctor. (TV: Mawdryn Undead)

On both his visits to the Musée d'Orsay in 2010 the Eleventh Doctor complimented Dr Henry Black on his bow ties. (TV: Vincent and the Doctor)

The Silents wore four-in-hand ties along with their suits while on Earth. (TV: The Impossible Astronaut)

Emily Morris, the 19th century girl who helped Sarah Jane, wore an ivory cravat with black spots. (TV: Lost in Time)

Jenny Flint wore cravats with her waistcoats and her shirts. (TV: A Good Man Goes to War, Deep Breath; PROSE: The Dangerous Dilemma of the Dream Doorway; COMIC: The Lost Dimension)

Bill Potts wore an ivory cravat during her trip to the 1814 frost fair. (TV: Thin Ice)

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