Tibbsy was a domesticated house cat who lived with Lloyd Collins in the 1970s.

In 1972, when the Twelfth Doctor warned Lloyd about dangerous "beasties" on Earth, Tibbsy attacked the Doctor. Lloyd explained that Tibbsy was not very good around strangers and, like Lloyd, always looked out for his family. The Doctor warned Tibbsy that he would be watching him. (COMIC: Moving In)

When Maxwell arrived home late because he was abducted aboard the Kolothos Hunt spaceship, he petted Tibbsy. (COMIC: Bloodsport)

On Christmas morning, Tibbsy slept on the broken TARDIS in the back garden while the whole neighbourhood was invited to breakfast and remembered Carmen, who had died over Christmas 1971. (COMIC: Be Forgot)

In 1973, Tibbsy yowled when the nearly-repaired TARDIS made a sudden noise, and hissed at the spies that had knocked out the Collins family and began transferring them. (COMIC: Doorway to Hell)

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