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Tia Kofi Enters the Time Fracture! was a webcast short tying in with the Time Lord Victorious play Time Fracture, casting real-world drag queen Tia Kofi as herself in a short adventure tying in with the premise of the play.

Publisher's summary[]


Part 1[]

Another Queen has entered the Time Fracture!

The magnificent Tia Kofi recently answered the Doctor’s call and journeyed through space and time to save the universe.

Check back later for more…

Part 2[]

Queen Tia Kofi is on a mission!

After jumping into the Time Fracture, Tia lands in Elizabethan England — just in time to help a certain playwright with an upcoming production of Romeo & Juliet

Part 3[]

Two of the most glamorous Queens come head to head in the final part of Tia Kofi's journey through the Time Fracture!


Drag sensation Tia Kofi meets Cybermen, Shakespeare and a fellow Queen in her Doctor Who: Time Fracture adventure!


Tia Kofi, having been chosen to take part in Operation Time Fracture by an incarnation of the Doctor who wore a fez and bowtie, and was wont to say "Come along, Pond", reports to the UNIT Black Site where the Time Fracture is studied, having dressed up in an outfit inspired by the Doctor's. She is welcomed by Doctor Errol Courtney, who confirms that her name was indeed on the list sent in by the Doctor.

After briefing Kofi on the basics of the Fracture's nature and the Operation's purpose — namely, finding out what it is that is really causing the Fracture on the other side — Doctor Courtney leads Kofi through to the Portal Stabilisation Gateway. Tia Kofi emerges in what she soon realises to be Elizabethan England, in the house of William Shakespeare, who is feeling depressed due to his latest play having flopped. She half-heartedly claims to be a candlestick maker, and sticks around with him for a while, as the Bard seems to find her presence invigorating; he begins to plan out a new play, Romeo and Juliet, with Kofi in mind for the Juliet role.

However, an aftershock fo the Time Fracture transports Kofi out of Shakespeare's home and drops her in the royal court, where she engages a courtier in conversation, with him misinterpreting Tia's self-identification as a "queen" and agreeing to introduce her to Elizabeth I under the misapprehension that she is herself foreign royalty. The two are briefly menaced by a Cyberman transported to the court by another aftershock of the Fracture, but after briefly ducking back into the Gateway, Kofi is able to arrive safely in Elizabeth's throne room. The conversation quickly turns sour, however, with Elizabeth not appreciating Kofi's familiar tone. The capital-Q Queen ended up ordering the queen beheaded, and Kofi takes that as a cue to flee back into the Gateway to resume trying to save the universe.


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  • The webcast was first released in three parts on the Doctor Who: Time Fracture Twitter account on 11 May 2022[3][4][5] before being rereleased in one piece on YouTube two days later.