Thutmose III

Thutmose III, (PROSE: The Three Faces of Helena) also spelled Tutmosis, (AUDIO: The Eye of Horus) was an Ancient Egyptian pharaoh. According to one account, he was actually was a man from the far future, made flesh in a man thousands of years earlier. (PROSE: The Three Faces of Helena)

Biography[edit | edit source]

Thutmose was born in the far future. He travelled back in time and became an Egyptian pharaoh. (PROSE: The Three Faces of Helena) The stepson of Hatshepsut, another pharaoh, Tutmosis was initially content with living under her rule. This was until he encountered Sutekh, who manipulated him into envying his stepmother, and helped him to usurp her throne. According to the Seventh Doctor, he did good things as pharoah, although not always for the right reasons. (AUDIO: The Eye of Horus) He ruled his people with wisdom and kindness, and fought his enemies with a mighty sword and lion's courage. (PROSE: The Three Faces of Helena)

In his youth Thutmose faced Ash-Ama-Teseth, and imprisoned him with his blood. (PROSE: The Last Pharaoh)

He was the father of Amenhotep II and the grandfather of Erimem. (AUDIO: The Roof of the World)

Despite dying before she was born, Erimem had memories of her grandfather lifting her onto his knee when she was five. (PROSE: The Three Faces of Helena)

When Erimem tried to stop Ibrahim Hadmani's death several times on an ice planet, each attempt resulted in a new way for him to die. Her grandfather came to her in a dream and after she was able to go back in time and prevent Ibrahim from going to the ice planet in the first place. (PROSE: The Snow Wolves)

Thutmose showed Erimem a variety of possible pasts and futures. The lesson he wished to impart to her was that time was fragile, and that if she had to change the past, she should only do it once. Any more times would cause irreparable damage to time. He used her changes to time on the ice planet as an example. Erimem said that she understood, and Thutmose expressed his hope that she did. (PROSE: Echoes)

Thutmose visited Erimem when she walked the tomb of her father after his death. The tomb threw many challenges at Erimem, yet when she was told to surrender, she stood and fought the apparitions that attacked her. Thutmose told her that she had an important place in history, and had to take the position of pharaoh, albiet briefly, otherwise history would change and the universe would be torn apart. He then erased her memory of what had transpired in the tomb.

Thutmose later visited Erimem in her dreams and reminded her of those events, showing her that was the reason Erimem had the courage to take the mantle of pharaoh. (PROSE: Spirit in the Tomb)

In 272 BC, when Helena gained her immortality, and had been stabbed by Queen Asha, she was dragged downstream by a river, and eventually washed up on a riverbank. Thutmose appeared and led her to food and water, places where she could steal clothes and then onto other places where she could be educated and prosper.

Thutmose guided Erimem in the days before she discovered Helena's secret. He told her that Queen Asha was the greatest threat the world had faced. He also showed her that Earth's future would deviate due to these events, and in 2419 a fundamentalist cult would take control. This future would lead to the end of humanity, and guided Erimem towards averting it. (PROSE: The Three Faces of Helena)

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Thutmose had a hooked nose and thinning white hair. (PROSE: The Three Faces of Helena)

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