Thunderbirds was a TV series that, according to the Eighth Doctor, aired in the 1980s. (PROSE: Trading Futures)

Megali Scoblow once described a swimming pool sliding away to reveal something, prompting Jason Kane to shout out, "Thunderbirds Are Go!" (PROSE: Beige Planet Mars) Sam Jones once said the same thing to Amy Saraband to prompt them into action, (PROSE: Kursaal) as did Rose Tyler to the Ninth Doctor when Mickey Smith was kidnapped by the Quevvils. (PROSE: Winner Takes All)

Anji Kapoor once saw a red spaceship that she thought looked exactly like Thunderbird Three, right down to the white "3" on its side. (PROSE: Trading Futures)

Having studied Thunderbirds, Bernice Summerfield could tell that the flashing red light on Irving Braxiatel's pen meant something important. Braxiatel recalled that, in the show, it was a tea pot that did this. (PROSE: The Doomsday Manuscript)

Christine Summerfield stuck with the name 'control room' because she had seen too much Thunderbirds. (PROSE: Dead Romance)

Trix once described the person who kidnapped Fitz Kreiner as "a bit like a skinny version of the baddie out of Thunderbirds. Only with worse dress sense." (PROSE: To the Slaughter)

Osgood recognised the Twelfth Doctor's reference to "Cloudbase" as being from Thunderbirds, but was corrected by Colonel Ahmed rightly saying that Cloudbase was from Captain Scarlet. (TV: Death in Heaven)

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