An acolyte of Thuggee is strangling his victim with a garrotte. (COMIC: The Swords of Kali)


Acolytes of Thuggee were a cult of robbers and murderers in 19th-century India who were offering their victims to Kali, the Hindu goddess of death and destruction. They had a habit of first tricking and then strangling their victims with a garrotte.

In 1825, Chandra Scindia was the Master of Thuggee. (COMIC: The Swords of Kali)

Behind the scene Edit

  • The word "thug" goes back to Thuggee of India.
  • Despite Titan Comics replacing the Hindu goddess Kali with an invented character Okti in later editions, it was Kali that Thuggee worshiped in the real world.
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