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Throwback: The Soul of a Cyberman was a comic story published in Doctor Who Weekly. It was written by Steve Moore.


On the planet Mondaran, Willoway leads the resistance fighters against the Cybermen, conquerors of the planet. Reinforcements are called from Telos, including Junior Cyber-Leader Kroton. Following his capture and interrogation, Willoway dies. Kroton is 'puzzled' by his sacrifice and tracks down fellow rebels, Marilka and her lover Pendar. When the rebels are betrayed by the businessman Zarek, Kroton helps Pendar escape and takes him away from the city. Suspecting Kroton's erratic behaviour, the Cyber-Leader tracks them down. Turning against the Cybermen, Kroton helps the rebels escape to the safety of the Forest of Lorn, then removes the craft and takes it into space. Without fuel, batteries drained and unable to return, Kroton drifts on.



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  • Part one of this back up strip is introduced by the Fourth Doctor.
  • The second edition of aHistory arbitrarily dates this story to 2520, as it is set in a time when the Cybermen are based on Telos, but this is changed in the third edition to 2502 (also an arbitrary date), as it has to take place before Telos is destroyed.

Original print details[]

Publication with page count and closing captions
  1. DWM 5 (4 pages) More thrilling action next week!
  2. DWM 6 (4 pages) Does this spell the end for Kroton the Cyberman? See Next Week!
  3. DWM 7 (4 pages) Another thrilling new adventure story next week!



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