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|image = Through the Ruins.jpg
|image = Through the Ruins.jpg
|range = Torchwood One (audio series)
|range = Torchwood One (audio series)
|series in range = Torchwood One: Before the Fall
|series in range = Torchwood One: Before the Fall (audio anthology)
|number in series = 2
|number in series = 2
|number = 1.2
|number = 1.2

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Through the Ruins was the second audio story in Torchwood One: Before the Fall.

Publisher's summary

"Ianto, please. It's all... it’s all gone wrong. I don’t know what to think any more."

Away Days at Torchwood aren't what you’d expect. Yes, there’s the forced camaraderie, the team-building exercises, and the chance for long-held rivalries to boil over. But Torchwood Away Days also have the potential to get very lethal very quickly.

Yvonne Hartman's extremely worried by this year's Away Day. But she’s got other things on her mind – something's very wrong with Torchwood.


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  • Ianto ridicules Pippa's belief in horoscopes. She correctly guesses that Ianto is a Leo and states that Yvonne is a Sagittarius.

Food and drink

  • Yvonne takes her coffee black.


  • Planet XXX is a nearby planet, known to Torchwood. Its inhabitants visited in 1993 with peaceful intentions. The inhabitants of this planet are at war with the Korvax.

Popular culture


  • Rachel uses retcon to wipe the memories of all Torchwood employees apart from Ianto.
  • Rachel places a "Protocol 4" on Yvonne and orders Kieran to murder her.

Yvonne Hartman

  • Yvonne says that her father was in the military.


  • The Torchwood team joke about their surroundings being "quarry-ish", a probable reference to early Doctor Who using quarries as alien landscapes due to tight BBC budgets.



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