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Three Wise Men was the fourth short story in Twelve Doctors of Christmas, featuring the Fourth Doctor.


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  • It has been almost three days since Apollo 8 launched.
  • Apollo 8 was launched by Saturn V, a 110-metre launching rocket.
  • The Doctor references Lovell as the "hero of Apollo 13."
  • The Doctor says that he had used UNIT's storage of alien artefacts to repair his TARDIS while stranded with a broken Dematerialisation circuit.


  • K9 does not play an active part in the story, but his appearance is confirmed by the accompanied illustration.


  • The TARDIS is packed full of wrapped boxes. The Doctor notes that the downside to having a ship that dimensionally transcendental is that it's hard to clean. The Tenth Doctor would come to the same conclusion, after calculating that a simple cleaning session for the TARDIS would take more than six years. (COMIC: A Rose by Any Other Name)
  • The Doctor notes that while UNIT has a large collection of UNIT artefacts, they understand very few of them. A Zygon in the Black Archives would note the same fact in the 21st century. (TV: The Day of the Doctor)