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    05:43, January 1, 2018

    Now that the pseudo-historicals category has been deleted, I think we should have a debate the pure historicals. The other category was deleted for being poorly defined so how do we feel about the definition of a "purely historical" story (i.e. no science fiction elements apart from the Doctor and the TARDIS)? Is that good enough or is more needed to justify the category?

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    • The category seems fine for stories with just the doctor and the tardis, like with a lot of first doctor stories. Seems like a fine category and would be a shame to lose it.

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    • I don't see any reason to delete it. It's clear what the category is for and it is good to have. It doesn't need to have a massive amount in it to be worth keeping

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    • Actually, this was addressed by User:CzechOut in Thread:220978, in which his closing argument states:

      "Pseudo-historical and historical stories categories will be deleted, since we don't actually have a definition for them. And if we ever do get a definition, the same stories will probably not be included in the cat. Best to slash, burn, and recreate the categories."

      The thread mentioned was an attempt to revive the pseudo-historical category, which was deleted per Thread:218056.

      Based on CzechOut's comments, the historical category will be deleted, and it can only be created if/when we have a clear definition and a category name that doesn't violate Tardis:Category naming conventions.

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    • Category has been removed from all pages and deleted.

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