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    CzechOut closed this thread because:
    Pseudo-historical and historical stories categories will be deleted, since we don't actually have a definition for them. And if we ever do get a definition, the same stories will probably not be included in the cat. Best to slash, burn, and recreate the categories.
    23:16, July 5, 2017

    A month ago, I created this thread: CzechOut said we should wait to make any decisions until a month had passed. Well, it's been a month so I think we should revisit this issue. Should pseudo-historicals be broken down by medium or should the category be done away with altogether? And should the same be done for the pure historicals?

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    • Please re-read the conclusion to Thread:218056. I wasn't just kicking the issue down the street a month. I was allowing time for a well-referenced article about the psuedo-historical story to be written so that we could then populate the category, based upon that article. Since no one has stepped up to the plate -- or, really, cause research on this fan term is pretty difficult -- there's no cause to keep the category. It'll be deleted soon, along with Category:Historical stories.

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