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    AeD's views on this matter are consistent with what we've done in the past for TV series that are otherwise narratively unconnected to the DWU. Pages connected with The Lollipop Man will be deleted. Brief inclusion of this thing on Cultural references to the Doctor Who universe (or possibly Doctor Who parodies) will be allowed.
    17:47, January 26, 2017

    Surely this wiki's pages (plural!) on [[The Lollipop Man (TV story)|this 2008 ''Doctor Who'' pastiche from TV soap ''Doctors'']] cover this thing in way, way more depth than is appropriate?

    Like, do we really need pages about the fictional-fictional character "The Lollipop Man", the [[Graham Capelli|the fictional actor who played him on TV]], [[Debbie Capelli|his fictional wife]], or about the episode's non-fictional [[David Semple|writer]] and [[Bob Thomson|director]], neither of whom otherwise have anything to do with Doctor Who?

    Certainly, "The Lollipop Man" surely has no business whatsoever being in the Non-DWU Doctors category?

    It's an episode of Doctors, for chrissakes.

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    • I think this discussion should perhaps be put in stasis for another two months until User:DENCH-and-PALMER - the self-proclaimed "king of invalid" and creator of all these pages and more - is no longer exiled from the wiki. I think this conversation would be a bit one-sided without him.

      In my opinion, The Lollipop Man isn't the only unneeded invalid page. I don't know why a cut-away gag from Family Guy deserves to be called a story (also, I highly doubt the BBC were in any way involved with it, you're allowed to do certain things in the name of parody) and I don't see the need for Peter Davison (The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot) or Colin Baker (The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot).

      There will probably have to be some sort of cleanup, but I don't think now's the time.

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    • (This is AeD, who'd prefer not to log in at school.)

      I understand where you're coming from, but waiting for, what, two months, to get the input of someone who was blocked for bad behaviour on content that, to you and me at the very least, is somewhat excessive, that seems counter-productive to me.

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    • I believe that the page on Graham and his wife should be deleted.

      However the story and the actual lollipop man seem important enough to stay imo.

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    • wrote: I understand where you're coming from, but waiting for, what, two months, to get the input of someone who was blocked for bad behaviour...

      I respectfully submit that "bad behaviour" is too simplistic a description of what happened to poor Dencher. It was all more nuanced and seemed (to me) like a case of good intentions. Let's not make his exile even harder on him by dismantling his work while he helplessly watches from outside. Two months is really not that long compared to many other debates.

      In addition, you can never know what arguments/knowledge other people harbour. It's a source of constant amazement for me. There was a very recent example of virtually everyone in attendance agreeing on something very simple and then a user whose input was needed providing a much more complex and nuanced description for this "simple" case.

      So let's hear what the man has to say first.

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    • TBH I don't see the problem in keeping it at all. It's a nicely detailed page that's just a bit of fun, and it isn't exactly on the front page or anything.

      I say just delete the link on the incarnations of the Doctor page, because that confused me when I first saw it.

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    • AeD

      re: "Bad behaviour," yeah, I conflated DENCH-and-PALMER to some extent with that other block, for which I apologise.

      If information about this is kept, I feel it should be boiled down to probably a single page about the television programme Doctors, and the ways in which it has intersected with Doctor Who -- at the very least, the pages about the characters and the writer and director don't need to be here, and the "The Lollipop Man," though obviously a pastiche of the Doctor, should not be be considered in any way an incarnation of the Doctor, non-DWU or otherwise.

      And that Family Guy gag -- this should surely just go on [[Cultural references to the Doctor Who universe]]? (The Doctors thing, too, maybe?)

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    • Discussions can't stop just because an individual is blocked. When you get blocked, you lose site privileges, one of which is participating in the forums. That's why it's important to not do things that result in you getting blocked.

      Besides, this is really not a difficult case at all. AeD has already nailed the course of action on the head. I'm not going to reiterate what AeD has already said eloquently, so let me just boil it down to bullet points:

      • [[The Lollipop Man (TV story)]] will be deleted.
      • [["The Lollipop Man"]] will be deleted.
      • [[David Semple]] and [[Bob Thomson]] will be deleted.
      • [[Graham Capelli]] and [[Debbie Capelli]] will be deleted.
      • As Doctors really doesn't have massive intersection with Doctor Who, it probably shouldn't get its own page. Although there is some crossover between cast and crew -- notably Alice Troughton got some of her early, pre-Doctor Who directorial experience on Doctors -- the connection is decidedly weaker than All Creatures Great and Small, Z-Cars, Sea of Souls, and Born and Bred. As AeD suggested above, Cultural references to the Doctor Who universe (or Doctor Who parodies) seems a better place than creating a page for it.


      All pages deleted. Entry added to Doctor Who parodies about this subject.
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