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    03:55, October 3, 2016

    Currently, The Forgotten (comic story) has a problem similar to what Prisoners of Time had: its pages suffer from a heavy inconsistency.

    1) Despite being a miniseries, it has the "(comic story)" dab term.

    2) Continuity, Characters, Notes and Reference sections are all on the miniseries page, but, in fact, they should be on the respective story pages.

    3) The page have categories of a comic story page, when it should have categories of a miniseries page.

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    • I've removed the update and rename tags, because they indicate a fundamental misunderstanding of the page. It is the page about the story as a whole, as opposed to the page about the graphic novel, The Forgotten (graphic novel). This isn't an anthology of any kind; it's a single story. So it's completely standard practice at Tardis to give it the parenthetical, (comic story).

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    • Ahhhh, I see what the problem is here. It appears that your question arises from a few editing errors that have been made lately, and which we need to correct. Comics often have little "subtitles", but these subtitles should not be confused with the actual name of stories. For instance, let's look at the randomly-picked DWM adventure, Tooth and Claw (comic story). At the end of part 1, there's a little note in the bottom of the final panel which says, "Next issue: Blood and Iron!" That doesn't mean there's a story called, "Blood and Iron! (comic story)". That's just, for lack of a better term, an episode title. And wee definitely don't say around here that the final episode of The Chase (TV story) is "Planet of Decision (TV story)". Fractions of a story don't get their own pages -- but issues of American comics do.

      What's happened with The Forgotten is that someone has divorced the issue-level plot information from the issue itself. There is no such story as "Renewal", for instance. "Renewal" is simply the subtitle of TF 2. It's completely common practice with American comic books to give each issue a name -- even though several issues may make up a single story.

      What should happen in this instance -- and probably Prisoners of Time -- is that the issue (TF 2) should survive, and the information from the "episode" page (Renewal) should be moved to the issue page. Then, after the information has been transferred, the misnamed "Renewal (comic story)" should just be deleted.

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