• The "Time Field" page went through much discussion over the name being changed from "the cracks" or "cracks in time" to it's current name, which seemed to only be mentioned by the Eleventh Doctor in one episode. We later find out that these cracks, this Time Field, is caused by a Total Event Collapse. I want to propose that the two articles are, in essence, the same thing and, while not merging the pages, information should be transferred from one to the other.

    It occurred to me that, if the TEC made every star go nova at every point in time, thereby causing the whole universe never to have existed, then how/why would it leave cracks, two parts of time and space that should never have touched? I think the War deals with this, where parts of an event can drift backwards in time, so that would make sense. But this is almost like classifying an explosion and the flames from it as two different things (I understand they are different, but they are connected as well). I also wanted to suggest this because the bulk of "Time Field" is centered on the cracks, when there are multiple sources that refer to other time fields, in another context separate from the cracks. "Time Field" would become like "time stream," with multiply references listed, while the primary information concerning the cracks in time be moved to "Total Event Collapse" as that's the event that creates them. What do people think?

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    • I think it would be a good idea to have:

      • one single page for "Total event collapse" and "Cracks in time" (this one as a sub-section)
      • a "Time field" page with any other meaning and use of the title, with a mention to the cracks in time and a link to that sub-section
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    • Note that this will require a lot of links to be changed, at least semi-manually.

      I do agree, though. Having the information at Time Field always felt very odd to me.

      I actually wouldn't mind at all fully capitalising Total Event Collapse (though not time field), because it is an event. It's the name given to an event, much like Big Bang or Big Bang Two.

      Incidentally, shouldn't that be Big Bang II? We tend to use Roman numerals for events, people and planets. I'd be interested to know what UK subtitles say, though.

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    • Subtitles, or even the scripts if someone can access them; depending on how the other sources spell it, it could be "Time Field" or "time field" or "time-field" or "temporal field." My point is that the cracks stem from the collapse, and are not the only time field.

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    • I was also wondering how subtitles give us "Big Bang Two" and "Total Event Collapse". Can somebody check their copy?

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    • I would like to reiterate the point of this page. The "time field" currently relates to the cracks in time in series 5, but there are numerous references to other time fields, meaning the article should be an overview.

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    • I think that parts of the Time Field section may want merging with the Total Event Collapse, mainly the cracks caused by the collapse but the parts on the Classic definition should remain seperate or possibly be merged with the Time Vortex, given it seems that they are closely linked or possibly the same thing, depending upon your point of view.

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    • Personally, I feel like all three pages are warranted.

      Total Event Collapse was, by my understanding, the final consequence of the TARDIS's exposion, namely all of time and space disintegrating, “every sun going supernova at every moment in History”, etc. It's not a perfect analogy, but covering the Cracks on Total Event Collapse is not unlike covering the Hand of Omega on the page Destruction of Skaro.

      As for a Time field, it really isn't the same thing. The Cracks emit a time field, but they are not, nor are they ever referred to, as "time fields" per se.

      Plus, there is the issue of clarity for readers. People will be looking for the Cracks in Time, because that is what they're always called; they won't go looking on the page for the phenomenon of Total Event Collapse, and certainly not on that of the wider concept of Time Field.

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    • Fair point. Even though I still think the cracks are part of the collapse, I think it would be far better if the cracks in time were distinguished from time fields.

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    • A Tardis contributor
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