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    Hey there Whovians!

    In preparation for the next season of Doctor Who, we have the ultimate Gallifreyan-themed menu for you to prepare for all of your friends. Enjoy!

    The Alzarians would approve of this refreshing appetizer. Serve this summer fruit salad made with Riverfruit (hehe okay fine, it's really watermelon).


    You could very well serve Fish fingers and custard to your friends, but just in case they don't like dipping fish fingers in custard as much as the doctor does- serve them these flaky parmesan, garlic crusted fish fingers.


    You can't have fish without the chips! Make these homemade crisps to serve with your main meal.


    Just like the doctor, your friends should be allowed at least some (or all) chocolate cake as a reward. This rich chocolate dessert will have your friends asking for seconds (and thirds!).


    Of course, tea is a key beverage in Dr. Who, so serve up this "Marteani". Use Darjeeling tea or Earl Grey tea, per the doctor's choice, along with some hypervodka.

    Which recipe is your favorite?

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    Do you have any tasty Dr. Who themed food or drink recipe ideas? Share them in the comments below!

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