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    As the page on sonic screwdriver currently stands, it seems to imply that no Doctor Who media at all post-Survival introduced the sonic until the very end of the Seventh Doctor's life in TV: Doctor Who.

    However, in at least the audio version of Love and War, (Part One, Track 8, 2:15) the Seventh Doctor opens a door to a Heavenite observatory buried underground with one. Is this a massive factual error and omission made by editors unfamiliar with the NAs, or did Jacqueline Rayner change how the scene played out in the adaptation for Big Finish?

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    • Our page is clearly wrong. Seven uses a sonic screwdriver in around 15 of the NAs. But it's also used most inconsistently in the NAs.

      He tells the Brig, "It's a replacement. I only had time to make a new one very recently," in No Future. But that's NA23, and he's quite unremarkably described as casually looking for it n NA2. Meanwhile, in NA11, he's wondering why he "never got round to building another sonic screwdriver". By NA12, though, the sonic screwdriver is there in full flower, and is even a kind of MacGuffin for a part of the plot of The Pit.

      In NA30 there's this notion that he has the sonic back, but only because he got it from the parallel Earth of NA19, even though Blood Heat doesn't describe such a scene, and even though this makes no sense with respect to the televised understanding about the Doctor as having the ability to make sonic screwdrivers at will. (Seriously, why would he need to get a sonic from a world overrun by Silurians, when Eleven pops 'em out of the TARDIS console like toast? Or indeed, why would he need any version of Earth, when NA25 posits that they're perfectly ordinary tools on Mars?) GodEngine, NA51, has yet another notion, suggesting that he got it back because he "sued the Terileptils for criminal damage". And, as if it weren't already an almighty affront to continuity, Lungbarrow — NA 60 — offers up the notion that Romana II is the source of the TVM Seventh Doctor's sonic, gifting him what is ostensibly her model from The Horns of Nimon.

      So there's three different "origin stories" for Seven's sonic – never minding the fact that the sonic appeared with little comment in NA37, 43, 44, and 56.

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    • I just realised I didn't really answer your question. No Love and War (novel) doesn't go down the same way as Love and War (audio story). If you're talking about the scene where Benny and Seven meet and she asks him about "This Old Heart of Mine" and then they bust into the observatory, in the novel it's apparently done with a Perigosto stick. But the thing is, it really is a sonic for all intents and purposes, even described as "a thin silver probe with a tiny sphere on top". And it's certainly not inconsistent with the spirit of the NAs that Seven has the sonic back. Well, I say "not inconsistent". I mean that it's not inconsistent given the fact that they apparently took no editorial stand one way or the other about how to handle the sonic. I think certainly by the time you're talking about Benny travelling with Seven, there's cause to believe that it's acceptable for the sonic to be back in action.

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