• A lot of users have been moving pages pretty freely in the past few months, but the truth is, this is causing a bit of a headache for admin.

    Why user page moves create admin work

    See, if you're a regular user, you don't have the power to perform a page move in a comprehensive way; you always leave behind the original page as a redirect. Most of the time, this redirect is completely useless. Worse, the fact that the old name exists means that people can link to it, which means there wasn't a lot of point to moving the article in the first place.

    So when we rename (or move) a page, we usually (not always, but usually) need to:

    1. Get rid of the original, mistaken page name
    2. Move all the links from the old page name over to the new one

    How you can help with page moves

    When you come across a page that you think clearly violates our disambiguation or naming policies, please don't move it yourself.

    Instead, flag it with {{speedy rename}}. Usage is super easy.

    1. Determine how many links there are to the current name. If there are under 10, go ahead and manually move them to the new name. If there are over 10, don't bother, an admin will take care of it for you.
    2. Affix {{speedy rename}} atop the article you want to move, making sure that you fill in the variables, {{{links}}}, {{{user}}} and {{{new}}}.
    So let's say a character named Euros Lyn were to appear in a future story. This would mean that the current Euros Lyn would need to be moved, since in-universe things "win" the un-disambiguated entry. I'd go to the current Euros Lyn page and enter this:
    {{speedy rename|new=Euros Lyn (director)|links=no|user=CzechOut}}

    Then I just sit back and let an admin take care of it.

    What'll happen is that the information I provided will automatically populate a table at T:SPEEDY. This list will provide admin with all the information they need to decide whether to move a page — more than just adding the info to a category.

    Doesn't replace other templates

    Note that this doesn't replace {{rename}} — or {{delete}} or {{merge}}. Those templates are still very useful, but they have the effect of starting a discussion about the more difficult cases. For instance, if you wanted to take issue with the name stingray to describe the main adversaries of Planet of the Dead, then you would need to use {{rename}}, because that alien was never actually named in the episode.

    Major characters (like companions or their families, or recurring species) are almost never a candidate for using this template. Sure, we'd want to correct simple spelling errors with this template, but otherwise a good rule of thumb is that if a page has over 50 links, or would seem likely so to do in future, settle the matter through a discussion.

    {{speedy rename}} is only for those black and white cases where the page move is obviously correct. Maybe you're requesting the addition of a standardised dab term or maybe the addition of a forename or surname that wasn't known at the time an article was started. Or maybe you've done something silly and spelled an actor's name in a way different to the credits.

    Whatever the case, remember: {{speedy rename}} is only for those cases where there is absolutely no cause for discussion.

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