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Thoughts and Prayers was the fourth audio story in God Among Us 3.

Publisher's summary[]

Cardiff lies broken. Torchwood's leaders are either arrested or dead. In a storage unit something forgotten has been reborn. And underneath the city, a terrible impossibility has been built.

The streets are filled with the prayers of the desperate. Because everyone knows - The end of the world is nigh.


Andy puts God in a jail cell with Jack's body. He revives and introduces himself to her. Mr Colchester tries to comfort Colin and tells him that he will be next to him when the world ends before leaving for "work".

Under house arrest, Yvonne leaves voicemails for Andy. She lets in a Deliverables man with a pizza who turns out to be Tyler and they eat it on the balcony, watching the end of the world. God tells Jack that she met Gwen and was the one to give Jack a hint of mortality whilst Ng takes Mr Colchester to Orr at a storage unit and Tyler uses a device that he stole from Torchwood to remove Yvonne's ankle bracelet. They head to the Hub.

Andy enters the cell and tells God that the Committee want to use her powers to cause the Reset, wiping the world clean and carrying over only the right people. She says that they are welcome to what she has and tells Jack that the wishes of those on Earth are tearing it apart.

Orr has become a conduit to God. Ng is able to calm them down due to their relative emptiness compared to humans, but they lose control when the car is swamped by people.

Yvonne is recognised in the street and runs away with Tyler, hiding on the invisible lift. However, the mob continue to throw stones, knowing that they are there. Tyler manages to get the lift to work and they find that the Committee have built a new and far superior Rift Manipulator which has stabilised the Rift, creating a dimension bridge to Erebus.

God and Jack leave their cell and Jack asks her to stop the end of the world. She tells him that she has given away her powers to a true believer. Orr explodes with love, which God and Jack see from afar. Orr manages to keep their powers from killing the people around the car, making them move in exchange for allowing their powers to destroy Colin's car. They are arrested by Andy.

Jack enters the Hub with God, having learnt how to bypass a deadlock seal from Arthur Deadlock, and reunites with Yvonne and Tyler. Ng, Mr Colchester, Orr and Andy join them and Andy reveals that he has been working for Jack the whole time. As the Committee's final form begins its journey along the dimension bridge, God tries and fails to take back her powers from Orr. Yvonne draws her gun and tells everyone to listen to her.

Ng and Mr Colchester locate the Lens, which God had returned to the Hub after the Sorvix power plant. They give it to Yvonne and leave with Jack, Tyler, Andy and God. Mr Colchester tries to call Colin and Tyler asks Jack to hold him. Orr releases all of their energy into the Lens, which Yvonne uses to redirect it through the dimension bridge to Erebus, destroying it and the Committee. The Hub explodes. Using the invisible lift, Jack saves the two of them.

Torchwood declare that they will fix Cardiff and God leaves, powerless, to explore and perhaps start a café. Andy tells Torchwood that the government, Senedd and police are blaming them for what has happened and that those of the Committee still on Earth want revenge. He tells them to run.

Colin leaves Mr Colchester another voicemail, saying that he is waiting for him to knock on the door. Jack, Mr Colchester, Ng, Tyler and Orr leave the city but Yvonne stays and Andy arrests her.




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