Thomas Watson was a farmer in East Ridge, Texas. Oil was discovered on his land, and oilman John Glassman wanted to buy Watson's land, but Watson refused.

Watson was under pressure by several townspeople, who wanted the money Glassman said the oil trade would bring. Watson met the Second Doctor, Jamie McCrimmon and Victoria Waterfield, who befriended him.

One night, Watson ran two trespassers off his land. He discovered that they had left behind a scrap of material from their clothing, which was like nothing worn by native Texans. He accused Glassman, in front of Sheriff Wilson, but Wilson favoured Glassman.

The Doctor made plans with Watson to capture the trespassers if they came on his land again. The plan worked, and this time the sheriff arrested the men.

The next night, Glassman incited the townspeople against Watson, and a dozen people went to his property, armed. The Doctor contacted the sheriff, and Watson and the Doctor retreated into the nearby TARDIS to wait for him.

Glassman was eventually run out of town, but because the Doctor saved Watson's life, the Web of Time was affected, and the Doctor had to remove Watson from his time into the time vortex. (PROSE: The Farmer's Story)

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