Thomas Monaghan was a military chaplain in Jamie Colquhoun‘s regiment.

The Tenth Doctor was brought to his field hospital in St Michel unconscious, with Monaghan heard the double heart beat.

The town was overrun by Weeping Angels, and Monaghan went with the Tenth Doctor, Gabby Gonzalez and Jamie Colquhoun into a set of old tunnels to try find the TARDIS. Monaghan and the Doctor were separated from the others due to a cave-in. He told the Doctor to go on without him while he watched the Angels for as long as he could.

Monaghan was transported back in time to 18 Causeyside Street in Paisley, Scotland, on 29 July 1896, where a woman called him inside the house. She asked him to help take care of a newborn baby, who turned out to be Jamie. (COMIC: The Weeping Angels of Mons)

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