Thomas Laneford was a student at Coal Hill School in 1967 and 2016.

In 1967, he was knocked over by an unknown driver in front of Mab. She invited him to Carterhaugh House. He didn't know how to play a guitar but could play after meeting Mab. By accepting her help, invitation and gift, he gave her power over himself and disappeared, causing his name to be put on the Coal Hill School Roll of Honours Board.

After 49 years, in 2016, Mab let him back into the world. Back at the school he ran into April MacLean, and quoted The Faerie Queene by Spencer to her. He also played football with Ram Singh. Due to his long absence from the world, his speech mannerisms were out of sync with the rest of his classmates, as he thought that April's MP3 player was a transistor radio and he himself listened to LPs. He brought April to Carterhaugh House to ask her to save him from Mab. He provided her with the book Child Ballads, which held the clue to defeating Mab. Despite April's attempts, he died of old age when Mab returned him all the years he spent in Carterhaugh House. (AUDIO: Gifted)

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