The Thirteen-Day Republic was a breakaway arm of Faction Paradox founded in the 8th year of the War in Heaven.

A number of dissidents, led by Cousin Anastasia, thought the Faction was overly Anglocentric and not revolutionary enough. Just as the Faction had chosen to form its empire during the British changeover from the Julian calendar to the Gregorian in 1752, Anastasia (guided by Father Dyavol) built the dissidents their own republic out of Russia's changeover in 1918, from 1 February to 13 February. However, many in the country didn't observe this change, so the Republic was unstable, with sections sometimes disappearing and reappearing. Its version of the Unkindnesses was the Red Burial.

The Republic was intended to be run under the principles of communism, but under Anastasia it became more of a dictatorship. The Faction eventually decided to eliminate the Republic, as the loa would not tolerate another area of "lost" time. Cousin Octavia led the successful Battle of Valentine's Day, and Anastasia quickly surrendered. (PROSE: The Book of the War)

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