The Third Wave of the House Military was created during the 11th year of the War in Heaven. Although Third Wave soldiers were created with humanoid forms; with each regeneration they mutated more and more into non-hominid war machines. Alterations to the wave's nucleolingua symbiotica allowed soldiers to regenerate over 60 times. Due to this regeneration excess, forced regen missions were common. (PROSE: The Book of the War) Third Wave soldiers who attained bodies which were useless in combat were melted down for scrap biodata. (PROSE: The Brakespeare Voyage)

The team had already had to abandon one trooper under fire on the Tanclavit Ridge, when she had suddenly 'dug in', her limbs thickening and stiffening into pile-driven anchors, slamming into the bed-rock, missiles and counter-missiles spawning and developing like a rash across her back. The stored bio-mass she could draw on had simply burst out, used up in a vast, allergic reaction to the war. If she fired them, she'd be ripping herself apart, and there was no guarantee what would grow back, not at that extension, not with all her 'potentiality' exposed and used. Not with her screams, sounding like air-raid sirens at midnight.Robert Scarratt's recollection of a Third Wave trooper's transformation [src]

The Third Wave participated in the Third Retro War. (PROSE: The Book of the War)

Robert Scarratt fought with Third Wave soldiers when Mirratraxia was attacked. (PROSE: The Brakespeare Voyage)

Third Wave soldiers were still fighting in the 50th year of the War. (PROSE: The Book of the War)

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