The Third Dalek War was a war fought between the empires of Earth and the Daleks, some time after the Human-Draconian War and the Second Dalek War which both took place during the 26th century. There was a tremendous number of human casualties and added to the losses of the previous conflicts, this brought the Earth Empire's vast population growth to and end that thus concluded their expansionist phase. Planets such as Mechanus were left uncolonised and the Mechonoids, Earth's servant robots, completely faded from memory though the robots continued to wait for the human colonists, but they never arrived. (PROSE: The Chase)

By the time of the Third Dalek War, the location of the Lucifer star system was of paramount strategic importance, but neither the Daleks nor the Earth Alliance could go anywhere near it as there was a total exclusion zone, a kind of force field generated by the black holes worshipped by the Angels. IMC wanted Ace to time travel to around 2154 to gather intelligence about it. (PROSE: Lucifer Rising)

EarthDoom XV was a holo-vid series that presented a highly fictionalised account of the Third Dalek War. Chris Cwej watched it as a child. Despite its low production values, it terrified him. (PROSE: Sky Pirates!)

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